Retailers face tough competition on the High Street to drive footfall and boost sales, however according to research from UK Point of Sale more than half of consumers from the UK and Republic of Ireland (55%) would be more likely to enter a shop if it had a Made in Britain window display.

After announcing its support for the Made in Britain campaign last month, UK POS investigated whether the campaign has an effect on consumers’ shopping habits, and having found that 55% of consumers surveyed* would be more likely to enter a shop with a Made in Britain display it is recommending that retailers take note and think creatively around the Made in Britain campaign.

Although the overall majority of consumers indicated they were more likely to enter a shop with a Made in Britain display, responses altered according to age, with 67% of those aged 65 and over answering yes, compared to only 48% of 18 to 24 year olds. Responses also differed depending on location with more than 60% of consumers in Birmingham, Manchester, Norwich and Liverpool answering yes.

Debra Jamieson, Sales and Marketing Director at UK POS, commented: “One of our aims in supporting the Made in Britain campaign is to offer expert advice to retailers who also seek to support companies that manufacture in Britain. These findings clearly indicate that Made in Britain isn’t just a catchy slogan but a genuine consumer influencer.

“We realise that, in the current climate, retailers are having to be more creative in the tactics they use to drive footfall into their stores and this research has shown that supporting Made in Britain has the potential to boost sales by enticing people into shops. Utilising a retailer’s window to display products is not a new concept, but these findings should get the creative juices flowing and encourage retailers to try something new with their window space.”

Having been established for almost 25 years, UK POS has identified the needs of its customers in the UK, and responded by insuring that the manufacturing of key product lines takes place in Britain. This means that products can be turned around quickly and UK POS can offer flexibility to its customers.

* Survey of 2248 people carried out in 2012 by Your Say Pays on behalf of UK Point of Sale


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