j3Tellermate has extensive experience in the financial services industry, and for the past thirty years the company has successfully helped banks worldwide create superior customer value through its cash management solutions. By implementing the Tellermate solution, customers have significantly increased cashier accuracy and efficiency whilst improving security and customer service.

One banking customer was looking for a way to improve efficiencies at branch level, specifically in the areas of large commercial deposits and handling cash. The priority was to reduce the risk and customer queuing times associated with large, labour-intensive commercial deposits at the cashier window. Tellermate delivered a customised solution that enabled large amounts of cash – both coins and notes – to be counted extremely accurately and very quickly on the same platform.

Tellermate was chosen because of its proven ability to increase cashier efficiency and provide smooth integration with the branch’s PC cashier application. In addition, the system’s portability and ease of use across several cashier applications made it the clear choice.

j4Feedback from the cashiers, who save an average of one hour per person per day using the machines, has been exceptionally favourable. “It’s a fantastic timesaver for them,” the head of Branch Performance Management said. “The machines are excellent for helping with till management as well as for going from safe to cashier because they’re so portable. They’re also efficient for cashier window audits and customers like them too because they can get in and get out of the branch faster. Some have even remarked, “What is that machine? Maybe I need to consider one for my business.”


• Compact, attractive and silent for front counter use, cash and coins are counted rapidly and accurately, saving time and increasing efficiency at the cashier window, and customer service is enhanced through shorter transaction times without additional labour costs. Less time is spent on back office tasks, and portability means ease of use at the front counter and in the back office.

• More efficient stock control: Real time information on amounts, the ability to check a bundle of notes or a bag of coins without splitting them open, and a larger capacity money platform for high quantity note and coin stacking.

• Non-invasive connectivity to a printer or PC for full audit trail. No requirement to install software or make changes to customers’ software systems.

• Up to three currencies available in one unit plus availability of currency cover to protect against currency change overs.

• Full telephone helpline, with faults resolved quickly and with minimal disruption, plus a swap-out service to ensure business continuity.

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