The Whitworths Sugar brand, distributed by Tereos UK & Ireland, is launching a modernised 5kg bag to satisfy a growing demand for sugar in the UK.

The unprecedented demand over the last 12 weeks has transformed the sugar market with significant growth in volume and value denoting a clear change in consumption habits in the UK. After a contraction of 1.2% last year, the retail sugar market has rebounded to £243.3 million, representing a 2.3% growth on last year’s figures. Observations also show that the growth in volume (+ 0.6%) has mainly been driven by white granulated sales. The frequency of purchase is key to understanding this shift. Consumers have made more trips to the supermarkets than ever before with figures showing a 9% increase compared to the previous 12 weeks. The change in behaviour is also visible in the types of products purchased as demand for bigger size packs has lifted 5kg sales by 231% in March 2020.

Sugar consumption has risen because shoppers are keen to ensure their cupboards are well stocked and because under the lockdown restrictions families have taken to home activities such as baking and cooking. Whitworths Sugar’ own analysis has also observed a growing interest from consumers below 25 years old to supplement this increase.*

To meet this demand Whitworths Sugar has made their new format convenient for high consumers of sugar and small businesses alike. Its updated packaging includes improved practicality with a new side handle whilst the design features inspiring cooking tips. Additionally, Whitworths Sugar’ white granulated 5kg bag is the best value 5kg product in the market with the lowest price per gram according to Nielson data.

The new Whitworths Sugar 5kg white granulated bag launched to Iceland’s Food Warehouse on the 22nd May 2020 and it is now stocked in 51 stores across the UK, retailing at £2.85 a bag. Due to non-availability of certain products at other retailers, Iceland Food Warehouse is currently performing 2nd best as shoppers turn to Iceland to stock up in addition to their new store format offering more choice and more space for consumers to shop safely. Iceland Senior Trading Manager, Karolina Revay Zarac said: “Our Food Warehouse stores are committed to offering shoppers big packs at great prices. Whitworths 5kg White Granulated Sugar is a great addition to our range and we’re delighted to offer customers the best value 5kg sugar on the market.”

“The recent launch at Iceland marks the beginning of our re-launch campaign as we venture into the social media world with a refreshed look” states Pauline Ollivier, new Brand Manager at Tereos UK & Ireland. “It is indeed an exciting time for our Whitworths Sugar brand as we are preparing to enter new territories with a brand-new offering.”

In summary of Whitworths Sugar’ response to recent events and their future ambition, Operations Director at Tereos UK & Ireland, Bill Harrower notes “The last few months have been frantic as we have been working around the clock to supply additional sugar volumes and have achieved 99.41% delivery on time and in full throughout this period. This is a Key Performance Indicator for our business and a fantastic achievement under the circumstances and I thank our full team for keeping sugar on our customer’s shelves. We are pleased to see a resurgence in the UK and this gives our newly appointed Brand Manager a great platform to grow our category and brand.” 

We at Whitworths Sugar want to inspire the nation to be the chef in their own kitchen so we are delighted by the increase in retail sugar sales and are savouring the comeback of homemade foods!

To enquire about the new product or the Whitworths Sugar brand, please contact Pauline Ollivier, Brand Manager at Tereos UK & Ireland – / 07889 809205

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