Bakers Basco is issuing an urgent appeal to the British nation to report any missing bread baskets and dollies that can be recovered by their teams to ensure the continued supply of essential bread and associated products to supermarkets and grocery traders.

Bakers Basco Limited was set up in 2006 as a joint venture by five of the UK’s biggest bakeries: Allied Bakeries, Hovis, Fine Lady Bakeries, Frank Roberts & Sons and Warburtons. The company’s original mission was to design, source and manage a new bread basket which would in time become the accepted industry standard, allowing for significant cost savings in terms of the design, raw material procurement and production of both the basket and dolly.

This equipment plays a vital role in the supply chain to ensure the continuous daily supply of bread and associated products from bakeries to supermarket shop floors across the UK.

You may have in the past come across, or even used, these baskets or Dollies. If you have, then you are using equipment that has been taken out of the bakery logistics supply chain. The ongoing problem of misplaced baskets continues to have an impact on the bakery sector, and indeed, the sustainable credentials of the grocery sector in general.

The Basco Omega baskets are made from sturdy polypropylene, which is meant to be reusable for many years. Within the logistics industry, the baskets are categorised as ‘Reusable Transit Packaging’ – packaging which is designed to protect goods in transit, and which is meant to be reused, again and again, not thrown away after one trip.

Basco’s general Manager, Paul Empson comments, “Plastic, in itself, isn’t the problem – it is how society has become reliant on single use packaging. On average, when used responsibly, our baskets and dollies should last beyond eight years. Only when they have reached the end of their useful life are they recycled, with each piece of kit recycled potentially 400 times during its life span.”

It is worth noting that these baskets are designed solely to carry wrapped bread products, so they are not fit to be used for any other purposes, such as carrying unwrapped bread products, raw meat, fish or other items which could contaminate the baskets.

Empson goes on to say, “Misplaced baskets often end up in landfill, which does nothing for the green credentials of the grocery industry or indeed the environment in general. Together with you and the sustainability teams we can help the environment by ensuring the equipment returns to the supply chain and reduces the need to produce more plastic for the baskets and Dollies. Our campaign is an urgent plea to everyone across the nation to be vigilant and report any bread baskets and dollies via the contact details provided on the side of each basket, which shows who the equipment belongs to.”

So, attention all grocery traders: These baskets belong to Bakers Basco, we are more than willing to arrange collections for free. If found, please report immediately to the owners on their recovery helpline on: 08000 327323 or E-mail:

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