ARIANE is a unique variety of apple that is resistant to apple scab, which enables growers to reduce the use of chemical products in the apple orchard by half. The ARIANE apple, developed by French company Pomalia, will be available for tasting at Fruit Logistica 2012, the international fresh-produce trade show in Berlin, Germany from 8 to 10 February on Stand F-05 in Hall 22.

“Creating a new variety of apple is crucial, but it is not enough. It is also necessary to make it known and to establish its legitimacy within a sustainable economic approach. As the outcome of a truly progress-oriented approach, the ARIANE apple finds its strength in a network involving 15 nurserymen, 250 producers and six distributors,” explains Philippe Massardier, Chairman of Pomalia.

ARIANE is distributed by Blue Whale, Castang, Edenys, Sicodis, BVL and Loire ALIA.

The ARIANE apple was created in 2001 at the Institut National de Recherche Agronomique of Angers (the National Institute of Agronomic Research, in western France), as a result of 65 years of R&D; it was obtained by natural crossbreeding. Since the start of its commercialisation in 2003, ARIANE has increasingly gained the favour of consumers, with consumption rising year on year. In 2011, 20,000 tons of ARIANE apples were produced and distributed.

ARIANE is now grown by 250 producers across six key production areas in France: the Berry region (in central France), the Loire Valley (in western France), the Monts du Lyonnais (to the east of central France), the Périgord and Tarn & Garonne (in south-western France), and Provence (in south-eastern France). In the world of fruit-tree cultivation, ARIANE is considered by many to constitute the most important technical advance of the last 20 years. Its high quality of presentation, taste and preservation differentiates it markedly from the other red and two-coloured apples on the market.

Picked from the end of September, it is the first large-consumption apple to possess a natural resistance to apple scab, i.e. to the Venturia inaequalis fungus. Apple scab is one of the principal diseases of the apple tree, to which all commercial apple varieties are susceptible, and the reason for around half of phytosanitary orchard treatments. Therefore, ARIANE’s natural resistance to the fungus makes possible a 50% cut in the use of chemicals for orchard treatments.

Cultivating an apple that requires a considerably reduced use of pesticides is an important advance from the consumer’s standpoint. Reconciling food safety and environmental concerns, the producers of ARIANE are among the first to be engaged in a voluntary approach to sustainable and efficient apple production.

Less treated and with recognised gustatory qualities, the ARIANE apple is particularly appreciated by the public.  Having conquered the hearts of the French, it is now landing on the shelves of retail outlets across Britain, and will certainly not leave the consumers indifferent.

The ARIANE apple is described as a gourmet product. It is sweet, acidic, firm, crunchy and juicy, leaving a sparkling taste in the mouth that defines an authentic flavour. It is a two-coloured fruit, which combines a deep, bright red skin with yellow lenticels. The ARIANE apple marries elegance with rusticity: a recognised champion at tastings, it has charmed consumers, who appreciate its indisputable quality. Another attractive feature of ARIANE is the fact that the apple preserves very well, retaining the same fresh taste from October to May.

“Through Pomalia, all have chosen to master the development and promotion of this variety with recognised qualities. Behind ARIANE, above all, there are territories, men and women who are participating in the development of this apple of the future and who have made the choice of a demanding variety, and of a real commitment to a better form of production. With good gustatory and innovative qualities, ARIANE is an alternative to the other varieties present on our shelves. It must become a qualitative line for the consumer,” explains Philippe Massardier.

ARIANE will be present at the Fruit Logistica 2012 trade fair in Berlin between 8-10 February on Stand F-05 in Hall 22.

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