Retailers respond immediately to pay point enquiries with an integrated CashierCall system.

Simple changes in the way payment desk staff request assistance can reduce customer queuing, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. An additional benefit is greatly improved efficiency.

Call Systems Technology Limited (CST) is offering retailers a new system that integrates its CashierCall™ buttons with a variety of staff communication devices, including pagers, digital retail headsets, two-way radios and DECT phone handsets. This enables payment desk staff instantly to send messages or alerts when they need assistance.

With a CashierCall button located next to the till, cashiers press a button to get help whenever they, or a shopper, needs assistance. The button push immediately displays a notification on CST’s communications devices, alerting the floor staff and supervisors who carry them, so that the best person to respond provides the needed support without delay.

“The system dramatically reduces the time taken to respond to customer enquiries. It also increases staff safety and customer satisfaction,” says David Barrett, CST’s Retail Manager. “Shoppers receive prompt help from a staff member who has skills appropriate to their queries. Communication at all levels of the business improves, too.”

Managers can maintain continuous contact with staff at payment desks on any floor, should they wish to, and can easily keep tabs on stock movement and manpower deployment. They also receive timely warnings of potential problems, such as queues extending, stock shortages or staff sickness, that could impact sales.

Reliable communication also helps cut shoplifting losses. Immediate and discreet alerts sent to security, housekeeping and ‘welcome team’ members enable prompt and targeted action.

CashierCall improves on and replaces intrusive retail systems traditionally used to request assistance or information, such as bells, flashing lights and loudspeaker announcements. It enables staff to remain engaged with their customers while they receive support from their colleagues.

A cashier-activated foot switch that sends urgent ‘panic alerts’ in the event of an emergency or threat completes the system.

Call Systems Technology

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