Already the UK’S fastest growing ready to drink iced coffee brand, Arctic Iced Coffee sales are set to increase further with a blend of flavour & function

Crediton Dairy’s ready to drink iced coffee brand Arctic Iced Coffee is set to tap into the growing consumer interest in Cold Brew coffee and drinks with added functional benefits with the launch of Arctic Blast.  Arctic Blast will deliver great flavour and function with the introduction of:

Arctic Blast Extra Shot – made with Cold Brew Coffee and an extra shot of espresso giving a more intense & rounded coffee flavour.  Ideal for those who like their coffee on the stronger side and enjoy the additional boost of caffeine that an extra shot delivers.

Arctic Blast Protein – made with Cold Brew coffee and a 15g shot of protein to boost your protein intake.  Ideal for those looking for great tasting post workout refreshment.

The two new Arctic Blast flavours will be available in 330ml size packs from June this year with a top four major multiple retailer already having confirmed listings with more expected.

Commenting on the launch of Arctic Blast, Abigail Kelly, Crediton Dairy’s Head of Marketing & Insight, said; “Arctic Blast taps into the increasingly strong consumer interest in Cold Brew coffee and added value functional drinks.  In the USA, where the ready to drink Iced Coffee market is worth well over $2 billion, Protein Enriched, Extra Strong and Cold Brew coffees are already well established.  Taking our cue from these, Arctic Blast will deliver a fusion of flavour & function and meet the growing expectations of today’s, ever more, sophisticated iced coffee consumer.

“The launch of Arctic Blast builds upon our track record of being a leader in adding value and innovating in this fast growing but still relatively under developed category.  It will, we believe, reinforce the positon of Arctic Iced Coffee as the fastest growing ready to drink iced coffee brand in the UK and reinforce our track record in bringing new consumers into this exciting category.”

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