Arancina Pizzeria, which serves around 6000 hungry customers per week from its two West London sites, is breaking into the retail arena with a completely unique range of 4 pizzas designed to be cooked at home whilst retaining a wonderfully crispy base. The base has also been created using a special blend of stoneground flours which allows it to be re-heated whilst retaining a wonderfully crisp base. This type of pizza cannot be found anywhere else on the UK retail market.


Arancina was founded in 2006 by brothers Edoardo and Michele Mortari, who came up with the idea of launching ‘pizza alla pala’ in London – which means it has been cooked and served on a wooden board. It is popular in Italy (particularly in Rome) but until they launched it in London, this type of pizza had not been seen before in the Capital. Their bright, iconic orange Fiat 500 which is displayed in their shop-fronts have also been wowing crowds for nine years.

The idea behind the brand range is to fuse together the heritage and spirit of the retail business into a formal, robust FMCG proposition initially for London and the Home Counties and then a progressive roll out to the rest of the UK and Eire. The bases are completely artisan, made in Rome, and have been hand-stretched for extra value for money and this – together with the bright, modern packaging – really ensure that the pizzas stand out on shelf. They have been created to tap into the growing trend for premium, eat-at-home meals to suit the Thursday-Sunday ‘weekenders’. The chilled ‘Thin & Crispy’ pizza category is currently worth £249.5m in the UK, growing at a rate of 8.8% YOY*, so the opportunity for growing this further is clear.

The four-strong range, which has been thoroughly market tested by Arancina customers’ loves and favourites*, includes:

• Arancina Paletta® Margherita Pizza. The authentic Italian pizza base is topped with freshly blended tomato sauce and premium vegetarian* mozzarella.

• Arancina Paletta® Carnivora Pizza satiates the most meat loving of appetites. The authentic Italian base is topped with our tomato sauce, mozzarella and a selection of prime Italian meats – Tuscan pork and fennel sausage, piccante Campanian pepperoni and smoked pancetta.

• Arancina Paletta® Romana Pizza. A beautiful white pizza (no tomato sauce) made with sliced fluffy potatoes and Tuscan pork and fennel sausage.

• Arancina Paletta® Vegetariana. This colourful plate of goodness loads succulent bell peppers, artichoke hearts and rich sun-dried tomatoes from Puglia onto the simple Margherita base.

Edo & Michele Mortari, founders of Arancina, said, “We have created what we believe to be the most authentic Italian product in this category – specifically from Rome. It’s made by Italians using Italian ingredients to create the most unique crispy base and a wonderful depth of flavour. We can’t wait to see what British pizza lovers think about it. Early tests show a great deal of amore for it, so we’re feeling confident about the launch.”

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