Araldite®, the UK market leader in epoxy adhesives, takes its responsibility as the most trusted name in adhesives very seriously, and has launched the first adhesives site solely dedicated to educating consumers and promoting dialogue and communication through social media.

Combined with other marketing activities for the Araldite® brand during 2012, including advertising, sponsorship and PR, the new website is set to stimulate consumer interest and promote the sell-through in all channels of distribution. The site, which serves English and French speakers, is set to become a ‘go to’ resource for consumers looking for information about adhesives. With a clean, modern appearance and aspirational photography, the new website is packed full of information about the safe and effective use of epoxy adhesives, as well as details of all the Araldite® products on offer.

The site incorporates sections on Araldite® history, interesting facts about Araldite®, inspirational ideas and a detailed “how to do it” section, featuring all stages of job preparation, use of Araldite® and aftercare. There is also a product selector, an interactive section, encouraging visitor comment and participation, and a comprehensive stockist list, giving consumers all the information they need to make their purchases.

One of the key features of the site is the use of short and effective instructional videos in the Ideas section of the site. There are videos for most of the products in the range – Araldite ® Standard, Araldite® Fusion, Araldite® Rapid and Araldite® Crystal. These prove the point that there is no better way of communicating product benefits than actually showing the consumer the product in action.

“The site is now in place as a key element of our marketing mix,” says Jean Luc Pieau, Araldite’s Marketing Manager “We are confident that it will play an important role in educating the consumer and will generate interest and increased sales. It is also a great new tool for interacting with our customers – this in turn helps us learn more about their requirements and will ultimately help us drive up sales through retail.” conforms to W3C industry standards regarding accessibility and accountability.


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