The Fast Chill range of chillers developed by Andrews Chiller Hire is the preferred choice when suppling emergency support to food organisations. When specialist deli and bakery producer realised their temporary chill-store was under-performing the FC 45 model from Andrews Chiller Hire proved to be the perfect solution.


With a planned renovation of its chiller store schedule for December when ambient temperatures were expected to be low, this south-coast food company erected a 10m x 7.5m x 4m temporary store. The existing chiller plant was expected to be able to cool the room temperature to below 5oC. Unfortunately the unseasonably warm December prevented the in-house chiller to drop temperature sufficiently low to preserve its food stock.

They turned to one of the national’s top chiller hire companies to help solve the problem. An emergency call went out to Andrews Chillers at 14.00hrs on New Year’s Eve and a solution built around the FC 45 was delivered and installed the next working day. It prevented the degradation of the food company’s award winning hams, savouries and hand-made cake.

With more than 25 depots strategically chosen by Andrews, and a true 24hr/7 day service all year round, the company is able to provide that often critical rapid response. In so many installations, its timely intervention maintains required room temperatures, preventing shut-down to preserve output, protecting product quality as well as saving a reputation.

Along with all accompanying hoses, Andrews Chiller Hire installed one Fast Chill 45 unit adjacent to the temporary store and an accompanying heat exchanger unit positioned within the actual room. It created the right temperaturecontrolled environment in which the specialist deli and bakery supplier could safety store its legs of pork for their award winning hams, speciality savouries from a local producer or hand-made cakes from one of their trusted suppliers. The temporality chiller meant the company could maintain production until the original store had been renovated and returned to service.

An inherent design feature is the plug-and–play concept, which means a quick installation, delivering fast and efficient cooling capacity down to minus 10oC if required.

The Fast Chill 45 chiller available from Andrews Chillers Hire is a totally self-contained unit with fully controllable powerful fan that can deliver 5,600m3 of cooling air flow, able to maintain the required temperature of below 5oC.

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