endframe-alpenAlpen, the original Swiss recipe cereal, is returning to TV screens for the first time in over five years as part of a national TV advertising campaign, launching 1 September.

The advertising coincides with the launch of fresh new packaging for the Alpen cereal range, capturing Alpen’s distinct brand essence with the sun coming up over a beautiful Swiss Alpine backdrop.

The new branding achieves strong stand-out on fixture, emphasising Alpen’s unique product attributes with a generous bowl of Alpen cereal at the forefront of every pack. Each variant remains immediately identifiable by a distinct pack colour; Original is red; No Added Sugar is blue; High Fruit is green and High Fibre is purple. The Alpen cereal bars range will receive the same treatment before the end of the year.

The £3.4 million advertising campaign features two executions, a ten second cereal bar and 30 second cereal version, which will initially air for six weeks. The adverts focus strongly on the sophisticated alpine heritage of the iconic brand and are tongue-in-cheek in tone.

The 30 second advert features five attractive women performing aerobics by a pool overlooking a picture perfect Alpine setting. They’re lying on mats energetically doing leg lifts while eating bowls of Alpen cereal in time to the music. The ten second cereal bar ad features a handsome skier turning to the camera, baring perfect white teeth, while eating an Alpen cereal bar.

The deeply sensuous tones of the voice over sign off with the strap line: “Alpen, we know you know how good it is.”

Francesca Davies, Alpen Senior Brand Manager, said: “It’s a long time since Alpen has been supported on TV so the new advertising, alongside the new packaging, is expected to significantly boost sales, reconnecting with those consumers where Alpen has fallen off their radar, and appealing to those who haven’t had an active relationship with the brand up until now. Alpen is a brand with a great deal of positive, but somewhat latent, brand associations – the new campaign aims to re-launch the brand to consumers in a way that feels absolutely rooted in Alpen’s heritage but in a way that feels up-to-date and relevant to consumers’ lives today.”

Win £1 million with Weetabix

The Weetabix Food Company is offering consumers the chance to win £1million in cash with a sensational on pack promotion across its key brands which is set to send sales soaring.

The £1million give-away will appear on packs of Weetabix, Weetabix bitesize, Weetabix Minis, Oatibix, Ready brek and Weetos and is expected to attract new consumers to the brands and give existing consumers another reason to repeat purchase.

The promotion will appear in store from the beginning of September. To win, consumers just need to enter a unique code found on the inside of their pack onto the website  www.weetabixonemillion.com. The website will take consumers on a virtual search for their cash around the UK and if they find the cash, it’s theirs.

There are almost 50,000 chances to win with the £1 million prize pool ranging from prizes of £10 all the way up to £100,000.

Tony Corp, Weetabix Marketing Controller, said: “The ‘win £1million with Weetabix’ promotion is very exciting for the brand and is expected to create huge interest, driving consumer trial and boosting sales across all participating brands. In addition, the on-pack design will offer great on-shelf stand out so retailers should make sure they have the full range in stock to maximise sales.”

The Weetabix Food Company
Tel: 01536 721405

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    can you tell me the theme tune for the new alpen advert


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