meatball-199rrpThat’s the view of John Armstrong, Marketing Director of Kepak Convenience Foods (KCF), the number one name in the UK’s £107 million hot snacking category.

“Hot snacking products offer an all-day-long profit opportunity, particularly for retailers whose customers want to buy food, not only at lunchtime, but also at the start or end of the working day. A lot of them are looking for good quality food that can be heated quickly, on or off the premises,” he says.

Many retailers looking to develop their food to go fixture have yet to focus on breakfast, a key hot snacking sales opportunity, particularly in the convenience channel.

HIM CTP 2009 research confirms that one fifth of all men leave home without eating breakfast, with almost as many women doing the same, with many of them looking to buy breakfast en route to work.

KCF offers a number of SKUs targeted at the breakfast market, but it’s lunchtime that presents the biggest opportunity, particularly as the recession continues to bite and people are looking to alternatives to lunchtime pub meals.

Armstrong says that hot snacking products come into their own at lunchtime, as adults and teenagers turn to their local shops for hot, tasty alternatives to sandwiches that can be prepared quickly and conveniently.

KCF offers the UK’s largest and best-selling range of hot snacking products, targeted at different times of the day and with varying price points, but retailers looking to introduce hot snacking products can start with just three SKUs.
KCF’s best-selling core range, comprising the flame grilled Quarter Pounder with Cheese, the flame grilled Chicken Sandwich and the BBQ Rib, is the most effective way of introducing hot snacking products to your store.

KCF is also driving the growth of the market through on-going NPD, the introduction of price-marked packs and continued investment at a time when many leading fmcg brands are significantly reducing their spend.

Launched just two years ago, the £10.8 million panini brand UGO’s Deli Café has created new lunchtime profit opportunities and attracted new consumers to hot snacking.

KCF is now set to increase its share of the mid-day meal market with two new product launches.

In addition to a new variant of UGO’s Deli Café – Chicken, Mozzarella & Black Olive Tapenade on a deliciously-flavoured tomato and herb Panini, KCF is launching new Rustlers Hot Subs, increasing demand for the UK’s best-selling hot snacking range, particularly at lunchtime.

Rustlers Hot Subs come in two variants – Southern Fried Chicken with Creamy Mayo and Tangy Meatballs with Tomato and Herb Sauce.

As with all KCF products, both Rustlers Hot Subs and the new UGO’s Deli Café panini have longer than average shelf lives compared to pies, pasties and sandwiches. This results in a longer sales opportunity for retailers and less waste, a key issue in the current economic climate.

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