As part of Aldi’s 25th anniversary in Scotland, the supermarket is launching a gourmet burger made using one of the world’s most expensive meats. At just £3.49 per pack, the Specially Selected Scotch Wagyu Gourmet Burgers, released in partnership with Scotbeef, give Aldi customers the chance to enjoy this famous cut of beef without breaking the bank.

To be classified as ‘Wagyu’, the meat must originate from one of four traditional Japanese cattle breeds; Japanese Black, Japanese Brown, Japanese Shorthorn and Japanese Polled. Aldi’s new Scotch Wagyu Gourmet Burgers are produced from traditional Japanese cattle breeds all born and reared in Scotland.

Wagyu meat can command hundreds of pounds in restaurants, but with Aldi’s new Scotch Wagyu Gourmet Burgers, customers can enjoy this luxury meat for a fraction of the price.

The announcement follows NFU Scotland’s ‘shelf-watch’ supermarket survey, which revealed that Aldi was the strongest supporter of Scottish Beef with 96 per cent of beef stocked being Scotch Beef PGI certified.

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