Refrigeration specialist, Adande®, has commissioned independent tests of its Aircell® air flow management technology to measure temperature control. The research confirms that Aircell® delivers more accurate holding temperatures, maintaining the quality and appearance of chilled food over longer periods, compared with conventional open fronted refrigerated multi-deck cases.


The tests were carried out under BS EN ISO 23953, which is the accepted industry standard for the testing of refrigerated display cases. A conventional open fronted multi-deck case was tested alongside a similar model, modified with the prototype Aircell® air flow management technology. Both cases were run at operating temperatures of 3M1: -1 to +5o C, at an ambient of 25o C and 60% relative humidity.

After stable state running for 24 hours, the temperatures in each case were monitored over a further 24 hour cycle. The case modified with the prototype Aircell® system demonstrated a temperature fluctuation of just 2.8o C (+2.1 to +4.9o C), whilst the conventional case had an 11o C variation (+2 to +13o C).

As part of a separate independent research programme, Adande® had established that accurate and stable holding temperatures prolong the quality and acceptable appearance of perishable merchandise. In delivering such tight temperature control, Aircell® has been designed to reduce the volume of chilled merchandise, which may be price discounted or thrown away due to deterioration in quality or appearance.

In addition to providing more accurate temperature control, Aircell® has also been proven to deliver significant energy savings. In independent tests, cases fitted with the Aircell® air flow management system showed 30% less energy consumption against comparable multi-deck cases. The performance of Aircell® will provide retailers with the opportunity to reduce energy costs and meet their obligations under the Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Saving Scheme.

Aircell® works by dividing the case’s merchandising envelope into separate air flow managed cells with small, low pressure air columns. Each cell has its own air curtain, which is more efficient than a full case height air curtain on a conventional multi-deck case. The net result is less pressure on the air curtain of each cell and a substantial reduction in cold air spillage from the case. The performance of the Aircell® system is also enhanced by the elimination of back panel air flow.

Adande® Refrigeration’s Chairman, Nigel Bell, commented: “Aircell® is being developed to offer retailers several benefits over conventional open front multi-deck cases. Significantly less energy consumption will provide operational cost savings, whilst the maintenance of perishables at optimum quality and appearance will reduce the amount of chilled merchandise, which is price discounted or thrown away.”

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