Soft drinks innovator AG Barr is creating a profit-boosting new category in the energy drinks market with the launch of a UK first – Rockstar Energy Waters.

Rockstar Energy Water Trade Image Plain Packs

Building on Rockstar’s proven ability to deliver incremental sales through innovation, the Rockstar Energy Waters range is a combination of two of the fastest growing soft drinks categories – flavoured Energy (+10%) and flavoured water (+9%).*4 AG Barr is introducing two variants of Rockstar Energy Water, Blueberry, Pomegranate & Acia and Peach, in a unique 355ml size can.

Rockstar has revolutionised the energy drinks category since it was launched in the UK seven years ago, fuelling the key trend forflavours in big cans. Rockstar 500ml can flavours are growing at +30%*2 with seven of the top ten fastest selling big can flavours coming from Rockstar.*3 The brand’s continuous and exciting NPD over the last three years has resulted in sales of more than 60 millionRockstar 500ml cans.*3

“We’ve listened to energy drinks fans and there’s huge demand for a product that delivers a full energy hit, but feels more natural and lighter than traditional energy drinks,” says Adrian Troy, AG Barr’s Head of Marketing.

“Rockstar Energy Waters will bring new consumers into the energy category and the refreshing, lighter nature of the products, combined with a fantastic taste, will also open up new consumption occasions such as lunchtimes and after exercise.”Both flavours researched extremely well, with 85% of consumers saying that they would buy the products.*5

Rockstar Energy Waters deliver a full hit of energy with high caffeine content from a natural source and a special vitamin blend, but have 50% less sugar and calories per 100ml than the 500ml standard Rockstar Energy cans.

The launch will be supported by a heavyweight digital and social media campaign and sampling at Rockstar sponsored events.

“We’re confident that Rockstar Energy Waters will fuel major category growth in 2015, attracting new shoppers to the fixture and reinforcing Rockstar’s reputation for innovation and flavour within the dynamic energy drinks market.”

To maximise this exciting sales opportunity, AG Barr is advising retailers to merchandise Rockstar Energy Waters between standard energy drinks and water, alongside products such as vitamin waters.

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