Adande® has supplied a refrigerated drawer system to the Morrisons’ Local convenience store at Ilkley, near Bradford. Specified by commercial kitchen design specialist, Triline Contracts Ltd, the single drawer refrigerated unit is integrated within a self service salad bar. The Adande® unit is finished with an attractive wooden fascia to match the salad counter.

PR_AD27_imgThe saladette displays pasta salads, couscous, prawn noodles, coleslaw, cucumber, lettuce and tomatoes, which are proving popular with lunchtime shoppers seeking fresh, healthy option food on the go. The Adande® drawer system provides capacity for the refrigerated storage of salads and produce at the point of service, with easy access for fast and convenient replenishment of the saladette display, especially during peak trading periods.

Triline’s Managing Director, Steve Willans, cited the large, 86 litre storage capacity of the Adande® refrigerated drawer system, relative to its compact footprint, as one of the reasons for its specification. He added that front ventilation of the Adande® unit allows it to be fitted into a tight envelope, without compromise to air flow and performance.

“We also considered the proven track record of Adande® units for lower energy consumption and stable temperatures, which are driving factors in sustainable store development.”

Adande® patented refrigerated drawer systems feature an innovative modified air flow pattern, which delivers high efficiency cooling. They work on the principle that cold air is denser than warm air, with specially designed insulated drawers holding the refrigerated air within the units, no matter how frequently they are opened. Adande® units eliminate warm air infiltration, delivering stable temperature and humidity, for optimum food quality and freshness, over extended holding periods.

Independent tests have established that the efficiency of the insulated drawers means that less energy is used for cooling, providing savings of up to 60% and a reduced carbon footprint, compared with other refrigeration systems.

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