Adande® has appointed an independent testing organisation to assess the performance of its market leading refrigerated drawers against products manufactured by Precision Refrigeration. Adande® took the initiative following Precision’s launch of the VSS121 SS self-contained refrigerated drawer last July and amid subsequent claims from Precision that its models offer totally accurate temperature control and consume 26% less power than its nearest competitor. The Precision model also uses similar dimensions to the Adande® unit. A spokesman for Adande® suggested that Precision may have created confusion in the marketplace, adding that customers had been seeking clarification of Precision’s claims.


Adande® supplied one of its standard VCS models and a Precision drawer to independent test house, Refrigeration Developments and Testing Ltd (RD&T), for assessment under the accepted industry test standard BS EN441. The drawers were measured to provide temperature and energy performance data, relating to professional cabinets for ECA accreditation.

The tests found that when both drawers were set as freezers, test packs in the Adande® drawer maintained temperature within a range of 4.8ºC (-17.1ºC to -21.9ºC), whilst the packs in the Precision drawer varied by over 15.6 ºC (-21.5ºC to -5.9ºC). When set at chilled temperatures, packs in the Adande® drawer maintained temperature within a range of 2.0ºC (+3.0ºC to +5.0ºC), whilst the packs in a Precision drawer varied by 11.2ºC (-1.4ºC and +9.8ºC). Precision’s drawer failed to comply with the fridge (M1) and freezer (L1) temperature classifications within EN441.

RD&T provided independent information comparing the energy consumption comparison of the two models, demonstrating that in chilled mode Precision’s drawer consumes 86% more energy than the Adande® drawer. When operating as a freezer the Precision drawer consumes 120% more energy than an Adande® freezer drawer. The report established that the Precision drawer uses more energy as a fridge than the Adande® uses as a freezer.

Nigel Bell, Chairman of Adande®, explained issues relating to the testing protocols used: “We understand that Precision is currently comparing products using BSEN153, which is a standard that applies to household rather than commercial refrigeration testing. It is important to clarify that the household standard does not include drawer openings and is carried out at 25°C ambient temperature, which is not representative of real use in a commercial kitchen environment.”

He added: “With the finalisation of the new EU standard expected within the next year, the classification, requirements and test conditions are likely to be considerably more rigorous than BSEN153 and more similar to the EN441 tests carried out at RD&T. The principle here is a comparison test, in a like for like scenario, to establish the differences in performance of both units.”

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