Adande® is challenging conventional views on the temperature controlled storage of perishable foods, in the retailing sector, with its range of refrigerated drawers. The systems offer energy savings, a reduced carbon footprint, improved temperature stability and ergonomic benefits, compared with other commercial refrigeration solutions.

The patented and award winning Adande® drawer system features an innovative modified air flow pattern and R-404A or hydrocarbon refrigerants, which deliver high efficiency cooling. It works on the principle that cold air is denser than warm air, with specially designed insulated drawers holding the refrigerated air within the units no matter how frequently the drawers are opened. Adande® units eliminate the warm air infiltration, which is associated with upright and other under counter refrigeration equipment, for energy savings of up to 60%. Adande® systems also offer improved humidity and temperature stability for increased storage periods with food maintained at superior quality and a reduced risk of bacterial contamination. Independent, like for like tests have indicated that food waste may be reduced by 25% by using Adande® drawers, rather than alternative refrigeration. The efficiency of the Adande® system also reduces duty on components, such as motors and compressors, for reduced maintenance and extended product life cycle.

Adande® drawer systems may be supplied as stand alone solutions or integrated within service counters. They are designed for bulk storage, of up to 40 Kg of food, at the point of sale, facilitating fast replenishment of counters and eliminating the need for staff to leave their position to fetch stock. The drawers are considered appropriate for food preparation and storage as part of counter sales, including delicatessen, butchery, fishmonger, bakery, pizza and hot food to go departments.

High efficiency panel insulation allows cooking equipment or saladettes to be mounted on the units, to create space saving, self contained food retailing counters in convenience stores, forecourt outlets and quick service restaurants.

Units may be supplied in one, two or three drawer modules, all of which require only a 13 Amp power supply, for plug and go operation. For operational flexibility, the temperature of each drawer may be regulated through a range from -22oC to +15oC, at 0.1oC increments, via a user friendly control knob, to provide the capacity for chilled or frozen food, as required. The Adande® systems may also be configured to accommodate a blast chiller drawer.

The company offers a comprehensive range of GN pans, racks, wire baskets and drawer dividers for effective food storage management, as well as a variety of accessories for the customisation of its drawer systems.

Adande® Refrigeration

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