The next instalments of Yorkshire Tea’s successful ‘Where everything’s done proper’ TV adverts have hit Britain’s screens, led by two proper famous Yorkshire-born faces.

Acting legend Sean Bean and world-renowned magician Dynamo will star in the adverts which once again see Yorkshire Tea recruiting new members of staff in comical scenarios that show their jobs being done proper.

Sean conducts a proper staff induction taking inspiration from his iconic film characters, while Dynamo works his magic in the Yorkshire Tea warehouse without a fork lift in sight.

The adverts were both filmed at Yorkshire Tea’s warehouse and offices in Knaresborough, with employees from across the business starring alongside Yorkshire Tea’s new recruits.

This is the second instalment in the ‘Where everything’s done proper’ advert series which launched in 2017 starring Sir Michael Parkinson, the Kaiser Chiefs and the Brownlee Brothers. The new ads are part of a £3m TV campaign that will see them aired to millions of viewers over the next 2 years.

The advert follows the recent launch of Yorkshire Tea’s Campaign for a Proper Brew campaign which aims to help cafés and restaurants bring happiness back to consumers and, importantly, to increase out of home businesses’ trade and loyalty.

The Campaign for a Proper Brew highlights consumer dissatisfaction with tea out of home, often due to catering establishments using One Cup teabags, which contain less tea than standard-sized teabags and, consequently, make weaker tea. But it also reveals the proper profits that can be made by getting tea right.

Natalie Cross, Out of Home Manager at Taylors of Harrogate, said: “We believe that out of home businesses and their customers deserve the same taste and quality no matter where they are enjoying their brew, hence our move to offer the same strength of Yorkshire Tea across all our products, whether drunk at home or out and about. Our Campaign for a Proper Brew reflects our brand belief in everything done proper. We’re encouraging and supporting out of home establishments to serve a proper brew, and in doing so, helping them to generate more trade and loyalty from consumers.”

Melissa McMinn, On Board Category Development Manager at LNER said: “We are proud to sell Yorkshire Tea onboard our trains. It’s made on our route which is important to us as well as being the best tasting brew around. Sales rose by 20% when we switched to Yorkshire Tea 5 years ago and our customers regularly tell us how happy they are we sell such a quality cuppa!”

Wayne Penfold, Procurement Manager for Pizza Hut Restaurants, said: “We pride ourselves on serving a proper cup of tea. Yorkshire Tea makes it very easy for us to do that with their unrelenting focus on quality and taste. We’re 100% behind their Campaign for a Proper Brew and hope it inspires other out of home establishments to ditch the weaker One Cup tea bags and start serving consumers what they so obviously want – a proper brew.”

Both adverts are available to watch on YouTube, the links are as follows:

Sean Bean –

Dynamo –

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