Astute grocers tend to look for currency counting solutions that perform better and faster, saving them time and improving their productivity. The JetScan® 150 from Cummins Allison is the ideal solution for simplifying cash counting. With advanced counterfeit detection capabilities and processing speeds of up to 940 mixed notes per minute, the JetScan 150 enables you to cash up quicker and more accurately than with any form of manual counting. It can also help to reduce cashoffice inefficiencies and errors, enabling your staff to complete cash counting tasks faster and easier.

It’s not only cash processing that creates work for your staff. Processing large amounts of coin takes its toll on productivity as well. With the rising costs and constant pressure to save time, a more efficient way to process the coin can be the key to unlocking productivity increases. With the JetSort® 1000 coin sorter and counter, you can streamline the whole process of managing coin – simply tip the coin from the tills into the machine, follow the easyto- read LCD display and your coins will be sorted, counted and either bagged or boxed, depending on your needs.

For maximum efficiency, the JetScan 150 note machine can be connected to the JetSort 1000 coin machine, meaning you can process notes and coins easier than ever before. What previously took hours of valuable staff time can be achieved in minutes, with higher accuracy and accountability, as the machines provide separate and combined tallies ensuring balanced deposits. Print summaries or detailed reports and connect to industry-standard software to make the whole process quick and trouble-free allowing you to spend more time focusing on customer relationships and improving operations.

Cummins Allison’s currency counting machines have a proven track record of dependability, durability and longevity. As a global leader in cash handling solutions – our technology, combined with excellent customer service and support means we can design a comprehensive solution for you that meet all your business needs.

To find out more about the JetScan 150 and JetSort 1000 and the £300 off offer for readers of the Grocery Trader, please visit today.


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