zpuk.jpgTo supply the rapidly growing market for headstand packs for food products, Zeller Plastik of Norwich has invested significantly in a fully integrated production line for its standard 55mm valve dispensing closures to suit 38-400 neck finishes. The line satisfies the demanding manufacturing and quality standards to meet the B.R.C (British Retail Consortium) Global Standard in Food Packaging and the B.S.I. (British Standards Institution) Integrated Management Registration, a prerequisite for supply to the branded and private label food market.

Zeller Plastik offers the 55mm closure in a variety of standard colours with induction heat seal (I.H.S.) liners suitable for PP and PET containers. For additional consumer convenience Lift ‘n’ Peel liners are also available. Manufacturers of products such as ketchups, mayonnaise and salad dressings, sweet and savoury sauces, small particulate relish, jams and honey are increasingly discovering that the headstand pack format has advantages over upright packs of consistent non-drip dispensing with clean product cut-off and minimal product wastage on disposal, providing the ultimate in packaging performance and convenience of use to the consumer.

Zeller Plastik UK
Tel: 01603 894800
Email: peter.briggs@gcs.com

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