Yale Europe Materials Handling recently unveiled its latest innovative robotics solutions for materials handling at an invitation-only event near Düsseldorf. Designed to offer customers affordable automation for repetitive tasks, Yale’s new robotics portfolio was put through its paces in front of dealers, customers, prospects, and the press, featuring a roster of zones showcasing tailored Yale solutions for a variety of industries including automotive and supply chain solutions.

Exploring a pallet’s journey from container to customer, the Yale MC15 robotic counterbalance stacker played a key role in the Supply Chain Solutions zone. Visitors were shown the ease of its Balyo geoguidance navigation, where the truck uses the same sensors to map the facility that it uses to navigate it, and discovered how the technology enables the robotic truck to be up and running without the need for dedicated navigation infrastructure.

Part of the Yale MC10-15 robotics range, the robotic counterbalance stacker is capable of both horizontal transport and vertical lifting, ideal for warehouse applications. The truck’s ability to lift and lower loads means it can deposit and retrieve pallets from racking with ease. Suitable for a wide variety of repetitive jobs including transferring pallets to conveyor lines, loading and unloading in cross-docking applications and stacking loads in elevated spaces, the truck can help free up the existing workforce for highervalue tasks.

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