This winter,  Yakult Light fermented milk drink is enriched with vitamin D and E. This new formula is, of course, still full of Yakult’s famous unique bacteria L casei Shirota, which is scientifically proven to reach the gut alive. The launch of the new formula will be supported by a TV, radio, Out of home media and a digital campaign across the UK in winter and spring 2020.

With consumers increasingly wanting to gain insight of the importance of vitamins in their food and seeking easy solutions that can help them maintain wellbeing, Yakult Light has been reformulated with this in mind.

Each bottle of Yakult Light now accounts for 15% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin D and vitamin E to help support a busy lifestyle. Vitamin D supports the maintenance of normal bones and muscle function and vitamin E contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.

Daisy Whitfield – Davis, PR Manager from Yakult said: “Consumers are living much busier lives and they are more educated than ever about the products they consume.

We have built a loyal customer base in the UK in the past 24 years and feel now is the perfect time to enhance our Yakult Light product, both for existing customers, and to encourage new customers to try Yakult. ” The drink consumers have been enjoying every day will still be the same taste, reduced sugar and calories just newly enriched with vitamins.

Yakult has a long heritage and an amazing amount of science behind its iconic little bottle. In 1930, Scientist Dr Shirota succeeded in selecting and cultivating a unique strain of lactic acid bacteria that is now scientifically proven to reach the gut alive and so, in 1935 the first bottle of Yakult was produced.

Fast forward 85 years, and Yakult products are consumed by over 40 million people, every day across 40 countries and regions worldwide. Today, in UK and Ireland, Yakult is available in two varieties; Yakult Original and Yakult Light, now enriched with vitamin D & E. Both varieties are gluten-free, fat free, suitable for vegetarians and of course contain billions of L casei Shirota bacteria!

New Yakult Light is rolling out to supermarkets and stores nationwide.

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