ricola-017-copyX Factor bosses have taken steps to help lubricate and sooth contestants’ vocal chords during the gruelling and intensive auditions by enlisting the help of Swiss herbal confectioners Ricola.

Ricola sweets have been sent over in the case load for the contestants and judges to enjoy in between auditions and live shows in the hope that there will not be a repeat of contestants like Dianna Vickers unable to perform due to hoarse and dry throats.

Apparently Simon Cowell’s protégé Paul Potts is already a big fan of the sweets. In an interview with German Journalist Gabriel Brönnimann Paul Potts reportedly said that his pockets are always full of Ricola sweets.

5_boxesIt is hoped that this year’s X Factor contestants will follow the singing legend’s lead and enjoy the soothing and refreshing properties of these great tasting sweets. Bursting with 13 Swiss herbs and boasting several sugar-free options, the secret formulation of Ricola Swiss Herb Drops offers a refreshing great taste that is sure to keep you calm – even in front of Simon Cowell.

Available in convenient click-shut boxes, tubes or handy bags, they are the ideal sweet treat and mouth freshener, whether you’re out and about, at home or in the office.

Ricola comes in the following fabulous flavours, Lemon Mint, Elderflower, Cranberry, Menthol and the Original Swiss variety and are available at all good confectioners, priced from 50p for a tube and £1.25 for a handy bag or carton.

ricola_logoFor sales enquiries, call SHS Sales and Marketing on (01242) 570288 or visit www.shs-sales.co.uk. For further Ricola information, visit www.ricola.com and www.winwithricola.co.uk

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