PepsiCo is unveiling a raft of NPD across its range with the launch of a brand-new range addition – Wotsits Crunchy Really Cheesy and Wotsits Crunchy Flamin’ Hot – and the return of the retro prawn cocktail flavour, which rolls out in the popular Giants format as Wotsits Giants Prawn Cocktail.

Wotsits Crunchy rolls out to the grocery channel from February 21st in 140g sharing packs and later into the convenience channel with 60g £1 RRP PMPs on April 11th. Wotsits Giants Prawn Cocktail will launch on March 7th in 105g sharing bags.

Katherine Cook, Walkers Snacks Marketing Manager at PepsiCo, comments: “Offering a variety of snack options has always been important to the Wotsits brand, and we know consumers are incredibly keen to experience new textures and flavours[1]. This is exactly why we have introduced the new Wotsits Crunchy and Wotsits Giant Prawn Cocktail variants – to meet those shoppers’ needs. After being inundated with requests, tweets and petitions over the years, we know just how excited everyone is going to be to try the legendary Prawn Cocktail flavour again after a twenty-year hiatus. Following a challenging two years, I’m sure we could all benefit from a moment of melty – and now crunchy – Wotsits enjoyment!”

Wotsits Giants Prawn Cocktail marries a flavour which consumers know and love with the excitement of a growing format in the Wotsits range. Following the successful launch of Quavers’ retro flavours in 2021, fans of the latter were clear and consistent in their pleas for us to bring Prawn Cocktail back to the Wotsits range. Furthermore, the success of Wotsits Giants in 2020, the third-biggest FMCG innovation of that year[2], made us realise that shoppers want us to go bigger and bolder when it comes to introducing new ranges to the market. This shows how there is huge potential for Giants Prawn Cocktail to meet that demand and help retailers drive sales.

Wotsits Crunchy gives consumers the chance to experience their favourite brand in a new way. We know there is an appetite for crunchier snacks, especially when it comes to sharing as 95% of shared snacking occasions are based around this texture[3]. Wotsits Crunchy range aims to help retailers tap into this segment, and also bring new shoppers to the Wotsits brand who may have previously felt a yearning for that irresistibly crunchy texture.

Wotsits is driving awareness of the new Wotsits Crunchy range (launching February 21st) and Wotsits Giant Prawn Cocktail (launching March 7th) through a supporting £1.5 million marketing campaign from the end of February through until April, which includes digital, social advertising and shopper activations.

[1] Kantar WPO % Occasions Sharing Segments, Aug 2021 MAT


[3] Kantar Sharing Format Analysis, July 2021

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