One way to ensure your store does well in cold weather is to make certain visitors and employees are safe. Sadly, it’s very easy for people to trip up and slip over, especially when there is snow and ice under foot. The National Federation of Retail Newsagents know a thing or two about keeping stores safe to visit. They advise retailers to use a “common sense approach” and try to keep the pathways and pavements outside their shops clear of office and snow where they can, and keep gutters, gullies and drains clear.

chazAnother surefire way to make sure your store does well in cold weather is to stock up and display a selection of “winter warmers,” those seasonal products that help shoppers get through the cold and dark months from October to March.

One of the most important product categories in this market is winter remedies. According to RB, one of the leading companies, 66% of shoppers of these products think brand is the most important decision in their choice. Well-known brands do really well and are the key to a successful winter remedy section in particular, and deliver better bottom line results.

RB’s research shows cold and flu sufferers tend to fall into two broad categories. The ‘battlers’ want something strong and fast acting that allows them to ‘get on’ with life. And the ‘rest and recover’ group find the best route for them is to use products that soothe and comfort them and help them ‘rest and recover’ their way out of their symptoms.

Another key finding from RB is that shoppers spend longer browsing cold and flu than any other fixture – a full 56 seconds at the fixture choosing their cough remedy, in particular, compared to 34 seconds for analgesics, 43 seconds for eye care, 39 seconds for oral care, 41 seconds for hair care, 51 seconds for bread, and 36 seconds Crisps and Snacks. Shoppers really care about choosing the right products in this category and are more likely to repertoire shop, so fixtures need to reflect this behaviour.

Shoppers are also more engaged in their cold/flu purchase than other categories. When browsing shoppers picked up 2.34 cough and/or cold products before selecting their purchase – more interaction than any other recorded category. Cold and flu shoppers tend to buy across the fixture – and the potential for cross purchase is high. With the right presentation shoppers buying cough products, for example, may also stock up on cold or sore throat remedies at the same time.

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