Wilton, the British B-Corp which makes premium, fragrance-led laundry care and household products with industry leading eco-credentials, is set to cause a spin in the household aisle after securing a major listing in Sainsbury’s for all four SKUs from its laundry range, as part of the supermarket’s Future Brand programme.

The innovative founder-led business is on a mission to become a UK household name by elevating the household aisle with premium, fragrance-led, ‘worktop worthy’ products – without the eco compromise for consumers who are currently faced with a ‘sea of white’ mainstream brands.

Wilton’s entire British-made range, including its four one-litre laundry products (RSP £7.95) – Laundry Liquids Cedarwood and Jasmine, and Fabric Conditioners Cedarwood and Jasmine which launch into Sainsbury’s convenience stores (April) and main estate supermarkets from next month (May) – are sustainable, plant-based, and feature luxury botanical fragrances in beautiful ‘worktop worthy’ and light-weighted recycled packaging. What is more, the business is carbon neutral*, including their laundry products, a first for the cleaning category.

Comments Mike Perry, co-founder of Wilton London: “The £2.5 billion UK laundry supermarket cleaning category is dominated by big white bottle brands and has seen next-to-no innovation in the last 20 years on premiumisation and sustainability.  Consumers are crying out for a cleaner, more premium offer like Wilton and are looking to independent brands to deliver – which Sainsbury’s has recognised will bring greater value to the household aisle, while enhancing consumers’ experience in the home.

“Not only do our products offer an amazing-smelling, eco-friendly and affordable luxury cleaning experience, they are designed to stand out on shelf as well as in the home, making them hugely attractive to retailers and premium shoppers alike.”

“Being part of Sainsbury’s Future Brand programme means we are able to reach more consumers than ever before and brings us one step closer to making housework less of a chore and elevating home cleaning and fragrance to a new level.”

Founded in 2018 by ethical entrepreneurs Sam Whigham and Mike Perry, Wilton London already has an annual turnover of £2 million and continues to be on a steep growth trajectory, aiming to be a £10+ million brand by 2024. The innovative company bucks the trend as an independent brand in a category dominated by big international corporates. Wilton supports the trend of consumers looking for ‘better for you, better for the planet’ options and trusting in challenger brands for these products.

All of its eco-friendly and plant-based cleaning products, including laundry care, washing up liquids, plastic free sponges and surface cleaners, are British-made with plant-derived ingredients, free from harmful chemicals, packaged in responsible, premium and super-lightweight packaging, and packed with premium botanical fragrances.

*Wilton laundry products will be fully carbon neutral for the launch into main Sainsburys stores on the 18th of May.

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