For decades IRN-BRU has been described as “indescribable” – but now it’s challenging the nation to put their taste buds to the test and pinpoint the BRU-nique flavour of the iconic Scottish soft drink.

The UK-wide challenge is in celebration of IRN-BRU’s latest TV ad, which airs from Tuesday 13th July.

It’s set in a wild west saloon, where a bar brawl of heated BRU fans erupts – with each patron declaring their flavour is the definitive IRN-BRU taste through fisticuffs. Thankfully, order is restored by a lone cowboy, who strikes peace by proposing everyone agrees “it tastes magic”.

The advert forms part of the £6 million investment in IRN-BRU. The heavyweight campaign will clearly differentiate IRN-BRU from all other carbonates and will be spearheaded by this new advert which has the IRN-BRU attitude and personality that the brand is famous for. The campaign will run across a number of media channels, including TV, digital and social, reaching 90% of 16-34 year olds in Scotland and the North of England.

IRN-BRU is loved by millions world-wide, but the taste is often a hot topic of debate. Bubblegum, tutti-fruity, orange, or cream soda; no one has ever quite managed to put their finger (or tongue) on the exact flavour.

Which is why the popular soft drink has launched The Great Taste Debate – challenging the public to grab a can, take a sip, and tell them what flavours they detect via social media.

And, to sweeten the deal, IRN-BRU will give one lucky fan a year’s supply of their legendary fizz for the best tried-and-tasted video (T&Cs apply*).

Adrian Troy, Marketing Director at AG Barr, said: “Whether it’s bubble gum or tutti-fruity, IRN-BRU fans can never quite agree on the exact taste of our BRU-nique soft drink. Naturally, we decided to have a bit of fun with this.  Whatever the flavour, hopefully we can all agree on the fact IRN-BRU tastes magic.”

As well as airing on TV across the country, the ad can be viewed by scanning QR codes found on cans and bottles throughout the UK. 

TikTok stars including ex-Goggleboxer Tom Malone Jnr, Yorkshire Peach and Demi Yates have already had their say on the #IRNBRUChallenge by posting videos on the platform – which have already set tongues wagging. 

Tom Malone Jnr, said: “IRN-BRU’s great taste debate really does have the internet fizzing. I’ve seen viral videos of people tasting IRN-BRU for the first time and others going off in the comments with what they think it tastes like – so I’m really excited to be helping kick off this challenge! I’ve seen all sorts of weird and wonderful flavours shared; fresh oranges, sherbet, strawberries. I even saw someone describe the taste as fizzy unicorn tears. So, I can’t wait to see what the UK come up with when they take part.”

To take part in IRN-BRU’s great taste debate, simply use #IRNBRUchallenge and tag IRN-BRU on TikTok (@irnbruofficial) , Instagram (@IRNBRU), Twitter (@IRN-BRU), or Facebook (@IRNBRU).

To watch IRN-BRU’s It Tastes Magic ad, visit The Great Taste Debate and for more information, visit IRN-BRU’s website.

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