x8_berry_displayConsumers now lead hectic 24-hour lifestyles. They drive further, work longer hours and stay-up later, meaning they need to address their energy needs quickly and conveniently. This is where the X8 Exhilarate liquid energy shot can help. The energy shot market was introduced in the United States in 2004. Five years later and energy shots now have their own category – separate from regular energy drinks – that is valued at $500k

X8 Exhilarate was launched in the United Kingdom in September 2009 and it is liked by retailers and consumers, alike. Initial feedback suggests both groups understand and enjoy the benefits. Retailers are taking advantage of the fact that X8 is an impulse energy product that adds additional value to purchases through the till.  X8 gives generous margins to the retailer. The compact design and high-impact artwork on the till-side SRP grabs the attention of consumers without taking up shelf-space. The ambient nature of the product also means it doesn’t occupy valuable chiller space.

It also has a long-shelf life meaning retailers can stock-up and take advantage of a range of introductory promotional offers. Other space-saving devices such as gravity feeds and clip-strips that have a zero footprint are available. This means the retailer can also display X8 in highly visible, safe and secure positions, such as behind the till, without it taking the space of another impulse line.

x8-exhilarate-brand-panelThe consumer as well is starting to wake-up to the benefits of X8. The discreet 60ml bottle means people can keep X8 in their pocket, desk draw or car to use whenever they need an energy boost.

There are two flavours to choose from: tangy orange and zingy berry which are specially formulated to appeal to British tastes. The energy giving liquid provides a sustained boost of energy in just two sips. It is not fizzy, has far less liquid than traditional energy drinks and about as much caffeine as a mug of instant coffee. It also contains no sugar meaning the boost of energy provided is not accompanied by the jitters or a later energy crash, features that have sometimes been reported by people using highly sugared and caffeinated energy drinks.

X8 is the perfect lifestyle accompaniment giving people the energy they need for work, driving, socialising or working-out at the gym. It has now secured national distribution through a network of cash & carries and wholesalers, including: Palmer & Harvey, Dhamecha, Parfetts, Payless, Millennium and Cash Co. and has a television advertising campaign starting in 2010.

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