5050-carbon-labelThe Breakfast occasion is a key focus at Kingsmill – 31% of all bread is consumed at breakfast, making it the largest bread consumption occasion and a key opportunity to maximise sales.

During 2008 Kingsmill commissioned extensive research to determine the drivers at the breakfast occasion, and out of this invested £4m into its breakfast-focused marketing initiative – ‘Wake Up to Wholegrain’ – to increase the consumption of bread containing wholegrain at breakfast.

The campaign, which made heroes of the Kingsmill 50/50 and Kingsmill Tasty Wholemeal breakfast sub-brands, set out to remind consumers that toast can provide a nutritious and delicious start to the day. The campaign comprised two breakfast-focused TV advertising creatives, an extensive PR campaign and on-pack support across the grocery multiples and independent stores, with the ‘Wake up to Wholegrain’ logo featured on all Kingsmill Breakfast sub-brand packs.

The ‘Wake up to Wholegrain’ activity has so far provided a strong return on investment and has driven growth, with Kingsmill 50/50 value sales up 22%. Tasty Wholemeal has also grown its value sales by 11%.

Kingsmill Tasty Wholemeal contains 100% of your daily wholegrain in just two slices. The sub brand is currently worth £35.9m and is growing at a rate of 4.2% year-on-year. Kingsmill Tasty Wholemeal is designed to appeal to consumers who demand a healthy option that doesn’t sacrifice taste.

Kingsmill is also in a unique position because while we all know that wholemeal bread offers the benefits of wholegrain, Kingsmill 50/50 is the only white bread brand on the market that is made with 50% wholemeal flour, so Kingsmill are giving consumers a great start to their day, whether they’re a white or brown bread fan. Kingsmill 50/50 is worth £55.2m and is growing ahead of the everyday white plus category at a rate of 19.9% year-on-year.

Kingsmill 50/50 is also available in 50/50 with Omega 3, providing consumers with the wholegrain goodness of 50/50 with the additional benefit of being an easy way to top up their Omega 3 levels.

The breakfast occasion will continue to be a priority for Kingsmill and will be supported by a second burst of ‘Wake up to Wholegrain’ TV advertising creatives during ‘10 focusing on the brand’s key breakfast sub-brands – Kingsmill 50/50 and Kingsmill Tasty Wholemeal.

For more information, visit www.kingsmillbread.com or contact 0800 197 0110.

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