kestrel-55.jpgVulcana Kestrel gas heaters are a quickly available, cost-effective solution for when heating systems fail or for heating temporary buildings when fire, flood or other winter emergencies make schools, halls, nurseries, churches or commercial premises unusable. Available for mains or bottled gas, Vulcana Kestrel room-sealed gas-fired fan convector heaters are safe and attractive floor-standing units that provide long-lasting comfort without reducing room air quality. 

When Costello Technology College in Basingstoke had a disastrous fire that destroyed their maths and technology blocks before Christmas a few years ago, Vulcana manufactured Kestrel heaters through the Christmas period so it was possible to heat twelve prefabricated buildings erected on the school playing fields in time for the winter term that started in January.  Vulcana Kestrel heaters are ideal for schools, care homes and nurseries because they have an integral thermostat, with all controls inside a lockable compartment, and can be supplied with safety guards. A summer switch makes cool air circulation possible in warm weather.

Vulcana is always ready to help organisations whose premises have been damaged during winter – a quick call to 01444 415871 is all that is needed to get help with heaters if disaster strikes. Or if you just want Britain’s best gas heaters for your premises.

Vulcana Kestrel heaters do not take air from the interior to support combustion, unlike most gas heaters which burn oxygen from the room. With Kestrel heaters, no new cold air is drawn in to replace oxygen, so no new air has to be heated, and that saves money in a big way. The Kestrel 55, fitted in many village halls and public spaces, provides more heat output per unit of floor space than any other floor-standing gas-fired heater, and there are other Kestrel heaters for every need, every size room, office or showroom.

Vulcana offers warranty cover, cost-effective maintenance agreements and help every inch of the way. Go to, email or phone 01444 415871 to find out more.

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