voltz_pack-shotVoltz International has announced it has signed a deal with leading Spanish retail distributor Covaca S.A. to market the popular Voltz energy shot drink throughout Spain, the Canary Islands and Balearic Islands.

“Covaca is a leading distribution company with almost 25 years’ experience,” explains Rob Arnold, CEO, Voltz International. “The company’s established wholesale distribution network will ensure wide market penetration of Voltz to the convenience sector throughout Spain.”

“We anticipate that Spain will very quickly follow the success of the US and UK energy shot markets,” confirms Raul Díez, Chief Marketing Officer, Covaca. “We looked at various different energy drinks to help us take first mover advantage in the region, and our research showed that Voltz was the superior product in terms of taste and health benefits and was backed up by a solid business model and excellent marketing support.

“Our product research also found that many high-energy drinks are not actually very healthy,” continues Díez. “Many fizzy energy drinks contain large amounts of sugar and caffeine which although give an instant boost, can make you “jittery” and result in a “crash” several hours later. It is also necessary to consume a large volume of liquid to feel the benefit of these drinks. The Voltz energy shot interested us as it is quite different, being made up of a combination of B Vitamins, amino acid and anti-oxidants. The concentrated bottle of energy does not contain carbohydrates and only supplies three calories, giving the consumer an energy boost without sugar and high concentrations of caffeine.

bottle4mb“Although Voltz was only launched in the UK this year, it has experienced significant sales success and already has a strong brand,” continues Díez. “We are therefore very excited to be teaming up with Voltz to bring this powerful little energy shot drink to Spanish consumers for the first time.”

Voltz has recently signed distribution deals with leading UK franchise network Card Connection,  as well as signing up distributors for Australia and Portugal.

For further information see:  www.voltzenergyshot.co.uk

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