cas1New from CCTV Alarm Shop is one of the most affordable quality CCTV packages available for keeping a watchful eye on business premises.

The Watchguard professional surveillance pack has a four channel digital video recorder (DVR), four day and night weatherproof colour cameras and all the power supplies and connection cables required for just £499 plus VAT.

As Watchguard operates on broadband, this quality CCTV system also offers business managers the very latest in remote real-time surveillance via an I-phone or Blackberry. It’s an exciting development that means that the CCTV system can be viewed remotely from any smart phone or web connected computer anywhere in the world as well as any PC or laptop machine on an internal LAN.

The Watchguard system is incredibly easy to install. Four infrared cameras come with low voltage pre-wired connections for the DVR.

The DVR itself has a 250GB hard drive and features H.264 video compression technology, multiplex operation allowing live display, record, playback and network operations simultaneously as well as intelligent video motion detection recording. The system allows multiple back-up methods from burning to CD / DVD or copying to a USB stick or via an existing PC network.  It comes with an infrared remote control for easy operation and just needs connection to a suitable monitor to complete the installation.

Watchguard is likely to become popular as a security device to safeguard against shoplifting, employee theft, vandalism, criminal activity, harassment, insurance fraud and customer disputes. It is also an intelligent management device in observing working practice and responding to changes in business activity or customer patterns.

Further information on the new Watchguard CCTV system is available from CCTV Alarm Shop by emailing

telephone 0800 6520670 or visiting the company’s website

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