cambridge-new-generationRetailers recognise that merchandising is the key to maximising profit in the fast moving retail environment and nowhere is it more important than in the chilled and frozen food sector. Here, merchandising means maximum use of valuable floorspace, high visibility for the product and constant temperatures to maintain quality and hygiene.


In response to customer feedback, Verco’s new generation of its popular open-chill Cambridge is fitted with the latest rotary scroll compressors and features a lower-front design of just 410mm.
The seven-model range, which includes widths from 964mm to 2492mm, is designated C096, C110, C130, C150, C195, C230 and C250. The C096, C110 and C130 cabinets (Inline Merchandiser range) are designed to fit within the modules of 1m, 1.2m and 1.3m ambient shelving systems. All models retain the very small ‘footprint’ of just 677mm, which has made the Cambridge a favourite for retail environments where space is at a premium.

The range is available with a standard height of 2035mm, horizontal shelf size of 390mm and a 460mm display deck and features include automatic re-evaporation of defrost condensate, a tamper-proof electronic controller, compressor protection against excessive condensing temperatures and a sliding base-mounted condensing unit for easy service access. The refrigeration system offers an M1 temperature rating of -1/+5°C and uses either R404a or Care50 propane.

Options include electronically commutated fans, mirror finishes to the internal side walls, night blinds and vertical strip lighting.

The new Cambridge continues to combine the benefits of remote refrigeration such as larger capacities and quiet operation, but with the flexibility of integral installations. Its ability to fit within shelving units also enables retailers to display chilled produce with associated ambient merchandise.

Verco’s Kingston is a range of integral open chill cabinets featuring the latest horizontal scroll compressor technology.

The use of horizontal scroll compressors in this range has allowed Verco to produce a low-front design of just 350mm (60mm lower than the Cambridge) – providing significantly more merchandising space than conventional cabinets.

The range offers three nominal widths – 1.25m, 1.95m and 2.5m – with a standard 2035mm height and depth of 815mm and is available with Verco’s ‘Integrated Styling’.

The Kingston offers benefits such as lower energy consumption, noise output and heat rejection usually only associated with remote cabinets, but with the lower installation cost of integral cabinets. This makes it ideal for convenience stores and smaller supermarkets where remote cabinets are expensive to install and can’t be easily moved to adapt to changing needs.

For customers looking for an alternative for installations where specifications and budgets do not require premium cabinets, Verco’s open-chill Poplar models are ideally suited.

The Poplar cabinet is available for both integral and remote installations and features a low-front design of just 350mm. It offers an M2 (-1/+7°C) temperature rating and is available in three sizes – 1.25m, 1.95m and 2.5m – with a standard 2035mm height and 815mm depth. Features include a tamper-proof electronic controller, compressor protection against excessive condensing temperatures and a sliding base-mounted condensing unit for easy service access.


For the majority of smaller and medium sized retailers outside the supermarket sector, the lower running costs and improved product integrity offered by glass door cabinets must be valued higher than a small advantage in access.

Verco’s Henley and Richmond ranges are ideal for convenience stores and independent food stores where the combination of improved product integrity and lower running costs make them ideal for the merchandising of soft drinks, beers, wines and frozen foods.

Available as one, two or three-door cabinets, both ranges can be supplied for integral or remote installations and as chillers or freezers to accommodate everything from soft drinks to ice cream.
The Henley range offers a generous depth of 677mm and is fitted with Jumbo 768mm doors to give merchandise maximum visual appeal. The Richmond range is fitted with the same doors but offers a cavernous depth of 867mm (190mm deeper than the Henley).

Again, where installations do not require (or budget does not permit) premium cabinets, Verco’s glass-door Verwood models are available in chiller or freezer formats and with one, two and three doors. It is offered in three nominal sizes – 650mm, 1300mm and 1950mm – and shares the same trim, headers and bump bar styling as the premium ranges.


If, as many retailers claim, merchandising is the key to maximising profit in the fast moving chilled and frozen food sector, then no company offers a more integrated approach to merchandising than Verco.

Since launching the pioneering ‘Integrated Styling’ concept across its range of glass door and open chill cabinets, with features such as matching trim, bump bars and corporate colour combinations, the company has extended the approach to include the fundamental engineering of its cabinets and a new range.

The result can transform a run of glass-door and open-chill cabinets into an attractive merchandising display that combines maximum use of valuable floor space, high visibility for the product, and constant temperatures to maintain quality and hygiene – all key requirements whether the retail environment is a corner shop, a convenience store or a supermarket.

Open-chill and glass-door cabinets share the same construction, which makes the open-chill Cambridge and Kingston ranges both lighter and stronger than traditional open cabinets and ensures a more accurate fit across the whole range when multiplexing.

With a range of more than seventy cabinets, and ‘Integrated Styling’ available at two different price levels, Verco is able to provide the widest choice of retail refrigeration for convenience stores, forecourt shops and supermarkets.

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