With winter on the doorstep, leading paper manufacturer SCA Hygiene Products UK Ltd is launching its latest tissue product, Velvet Balm, containing extracts of aloe vera and camomile.

Velvet Balm tissues are beautifully soft and with an added layer of balm lotion on each tissue, gives skin the luxurious comfort it deserves.

Consumer insight shows the Velvet Balm concept has fantastic potential. Its appeal is high* and, within the target market of balm tissue buyers, Velvet is seen as credible and relevant.

In keeping with the Velvet tissue range, Velvet Balm is fluffed up with air and is the only tissue on the market that uses this technique, ensuring quality and softness.

The launch of Velvet Balm coincides with the company’s very first tissue TV commercial which aired for the first time in November.

The ad, created by Fallon, uses stopframe animation and the Velvet tissue itself to create a zoetrope effect with over 3,000 individually cut paper frames. Zoetrope, an ancient cinematic style, is a method that produces an illusion of action from a rapid succession of static pictures.

The ad reinforces the company’s commitment to tree planting via its ‘three trees’ message, which is the focus of Velvet’s current marketing campaign.

Velvet tissue products are performing well, with recent data showing:

• Velvet tissues have achieved £11.8 million sales and sold over 9.4 million packs since the launch 20 months ago (Source: IRI to 8th October, 2011)

• 2.8 million shoppers have bought into the Velvet Tissues brand in the last year (Source: Kantar, 52weeks to 2nd Oct 2011)

• Velvet tissues have been purchased by 11.1% of UK households in the last year (Source: Kantar, 52weeks  to 2nd Oct 2011)

Velvet’s Senior Brand Manager Traci Baxter said: “With Velvet Balm, we are targeting customers who not only want the best care for their sore noses this winter, but who also want to do their bit for the environment. Velvet delivers luxury for the consumer and trees for the planet.”

For more information on Velvet’s commitment to planting trees, go to: www.facebook.com/VelvetsCampaignforTrees and www.velvettissue.com

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