Vectair Systems, famous for its away from home hygiene solutions, has introduced a new natural toilet spray which could be the answer for anyone who is embarrassed of going for a ‘number two’ in a toilet other than their own.
Phew! ™ addresses the need for a handbag or pocket-sized toilet spray that doesn’t just mask ‘number two’ odours, but actually traps and prevents them, leaving behind a fresh aura after a toilet visit. When applied to the inside of the toilet bowl, Phew! ™ creates a layer on the surface of the water made up of natural compounds. This guarding layer captures the odours emanating from the bottom of the toilet bowl and releases a pleasant and refreshing fragrance.

The 30ml spray bottle (up to 80 applications) is intended to be either placed in a private or public washroom, ready for use, or carried around in a handbag, washbag or coat pocket, to be used whenever needed. For frequent travellers, is also suitable to be carried in hand luggage on a plane. It can also be used as an air “refresher” to fragrance areas, and is a clever pump spray – meaning it can be sprayed silently for ultimate discreetness.

Paul Wonnacott, Managing Director, Vectair Systems says: “We realised there was a genuine need for a product like Phew!™ after conducting some research around toilet embarrassment in public places. We surveyed more than 100 people and more than half said they feel embarrassed or awkward doing a number two in a toilet other than their own.

“The workplace is one of the places that people feel most embarrassed and in fact, more than a third of people actually try not to go at work unless they absolutely have to.

“85% of people said they would be more comfortable to go at work if a product like Phew!™ was provided in their work bathroom, and 75% of people said they would use this type of product if it was provided with other toiletries in a hotel room.”

Phew!™ uses natural ingredients including Bergamot Oil, Lavender Oil, Lemon Oil, Lime Oil, Grapefruit Oil, Lemongrass Oil and Orange Oil. It contains no aerosols, no alcohol, no toxic or harmful chemicals, no CFCs, no HFCs, and is Formaldehyde free for complete user piece of mind.


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