Studies show us time and time again how consumers are increasingly using their mobile phones as part of their retail experience. Smartphones are used in store for comparing products or prices, finding additional information or reviews. This provides a growing channel for communicating directly with the consumer, straight to their mobile, while they are browsing the aisles.


NFC is already used by retailers at till points, which can be a great opportunity for the customer to sign up for special offers, enter prize draws – or even pay for their groceries – using their smartphone. But the biggest benefit of NFC in-store is the ability to tap into customers’ willingness to spend more in exchange for additional value.

The mobile shopper spends 25% more

According to Google’s “Mobile In-Store Research” from April 2013, shoppers who use their mobiles more also spend more money in-store. Frequent mobile shoppers spend 25% more in-store than people who only occasionally use a mobile phone to help with shopping. This means that targeting the “mobile shoppers” can exponentially increase revenue.

How to use NFC to increase shop floor sales

By integrating NFC technology into your shelving, your in-store signage or even directly into the product packaging, you get access to an interactive channel that can track behaviour, collect data, build loyalty, cross-sell other items, demonstrate functionality and much more – in seconds – using the customer’s smartphone. This makes it easy to improve ROI throughout the entire distribution cycle, with the help of the mobile technology already in people’s hands.

Transforming the food aisle

Many customers look for the convenience factor when they shop, which is why they use their mobiles to get meal ideas and recipes on the go. Seeing an interactive sign which offers not only a dinner suggestion, but a full recipe, shopping list, discount on the ingredients and an instructional video on how to cook it would engage the mobile shopper and tap into their willingness to spend more where they get more value.

Not just for in-store promotions

NFC also lends itself well to higher value items. The NFC tag can in itself become an asset which the customer may want to keep, alongside warranty notes and user manuals. For long-life products, NFC can provide a window into customer experience over time, by offering trouble-shooting guides, up-to-date upgrades, sales promotions on accessories, tutorials and much more.


What is so special about NFC?

“Each tag is as unique as a fingerprint”, says Craig Stephens, Sales Director at Scantech Group. “Unlike QR codes, it’s possible to track exactly who is engaging with what content in what location. It also means you can instantly change the campaign behind the tag without having to replace the tag. This makes it very quick and easy to manage promotions on a day by day basis.”

One tag – a range of functions

Another key benefit of the Scantech NFC offering is the tag’s ability to multi-task. “We often produce tags that react differently to different categories of users”, says Craig Stephens. ”A store manager or warehouse operative will be looking for other information, such as number of items in stock, campaign results and reporting – which the tag can provide them with based on which handset or app they are using.” This ability of course also adds to the ROI, which can be a key consideration for rolling out new technology. “We see NFC used for so many areas today”, Craig continues. “It’s perfect for warehouse management and asset tracking where you need more functionality and interactivity than the standard RFID codes. And the fact that the same tag can connect with the customer’s smartphone on the shop floor, without needing an app to launch, is completely unique.”

Boosting customer loyalty

This technology is also an opportunity to cash in on customer loyalty, by linking into loyalty programmes and to retailers’ own apps or special card holder discounts. By signing up to news alerts, the customer can get instant phone notifications when their favourite items are on sale or when related items become available.

One-stop solution for print and NFC

NFC is currently the fastest growing technology for payments, loyalty schemes and consumer engagement. If you want to take advantage of this rapid adoption, contact Scantech today for a unique, complete turnkey solution incorporating everything you need to get started with NFC.

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