The new Nurofen Express advertising campaign focuses on the unique formula in Nurofen Express, for faster headache relief.  Running from April and throughout the rest of 2014, RB’s massive £5m multi-channel media Nurofen Express campaign will involve TV, digital and commuter OOH activity, as well as consumer PR to underline current guidelines which increasingly recognise ibuprofen as first line treatment for headache.


Headache is currently the largest and most widely treated pain occasion in the UK and speed is the number 1 consideration for sufferers.  Therefore, the aim of the campaign will be to educate consumers on how Nurofen Express with its unique formula that includes a boost from sodium to speed absorption provides faster headache relief than paracetamol.

Nurofen Express 256mg tablets (containing sodium and ibuprofen) targets pain twice as fast as standard ibuprofen tablets, found in many supermarkets, to provide rapid effective relief from a range of pains. Tablets contain a form of ibuprofen which breaks down easily in the body. making it easier for the body to absorb into the bloodstream and so getting to the source of pain quickly. Nurofen Express 256mg Tablets 16’s RRP £3.56.

Reckitt Benckiser (RB)

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