west-coast-sea-productsUnion Industries’ Eiger Door, which has become the market leading Hi-Speed Freezer Door, is already living up to its reputation at West Coast Sea Products.

Processing around 75 percent of the UK’s scallop production, the Kirkcudbright based company has selected the Eiger Door to replace a sliding door, which provided little insulation and required regular maintenance and repair, incurring high on-going costs.

Separating the -20°C freezer from the 10°C production area, the existing door was unable to maintain a consistent temperature inside the freezer, and not able to prevent a build-up of ice around door opening, making the door inefficient in use and wasteful on energy.

These problems have all melted away since the Eiger Door was installed. Thanks to its patented dehumidified air re-circulatory system the moisture is removed that causes ice to form on and around the door, with the added benefit of keeping the drive and other internal working parts dry and clean.

The Eiger Door is installed on the on the -20ºC Freezer Side of the opening.  Here it is operates just as happily as it would on the more normally specified ambient side, requiring only the addition of specially designed insulated jackets to prevent any warmth in the system migrating into the freezer from the columns and motor and arctic cables for the wiring runs to cope with the sub-zero temperatures.

Located 500 metres from the harbour on the south west coast of Scotland, West Coast Sea Products is able to deliver the complete processing cycle from one site, from landing the scallops through to customer delivery.

Employing 150 people, West Coast Sea Products takes landings from all around the UK, but specialises in Irish Sea fishing, which yields the world-famous Pecten maximus scallop.

Its fully trained operatives work close to the freezer area, preparing the scallops for freezing and distribution, and the new Eiger Door helps maintain a more comfortable working environment by preventing the sub-zero temperatures escaping into the production area.

The fast opening and closing speeds of the Eiger Door not only help conserve energy by reducing to a minimum the exchange of air from ambient to freezer area, but also speed up the process of moving the scallops in and out of the area.

With vehicles and personnel constantly entering the freezer, the sliding door often became damaged from collisions with forklift trucks, which caused interruptions to productivity while the door was repaired.

Union has helped West Coast Sea Products eradicate this problem with the Eiger Door’s ‘Crash-out’ device, which minimises the effect of impact damage.  The only industrial freezer door that incorporates this feature, the Eiger Door’s ‘Crash-Out’ system is supported by an ‘Auto-Reset’ facility allowing the door to continue working after the bottom beam has been hit.

Bruce Morin, Chief Engineer for West Coast Sea Products, said: “We have been impressed with the efficiency of the Eiger Door, both in its ability to support temperature control and through the fluidity of its operation, which really benefits productivity.”

Steve Moultrie, Union Industries’ Technical Sales Engineer, said: “Reducing energy loss and increasing productivity are important targets for any company. The Eiger Door also brings additional advantages to businesses in the frozen food market with its ability to support strict temperature control in cold storage areas.”

Union Industries   Tel: 0113 244 8393   www.unionindustries.co.uk

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