Three leading companies have joined forces to develop a trio of flexible packaging solutions for protein products which help minimise contamination and reduce food and packaging waste in-store and at home.

Quattrapak2-Sep-14Developed in partnership between LINPAC Packaging, Rovipak and Parkside Flexibles Group, Quattrapak offers a new tiered packaging solution for retailers and includes a barrier ovenable MAP pack, a high barrier MAP pack, and a standard no barrier flow pack. The two MAP options extend shelf life, reduce food waste by maintaining freshness and enable consumers to store their products for longer at home.

The range is a completely inline formed, filled, printed and sealed, four sided gusseted solution that meets consumer demand for healthy, tasty meals which are easy and quick to prepare whilst addressing trends such as smaller households and concerns about food and packaging waste.

Joanna Stephenson, Vice President Marketing & Innovation at LINPAC Packaging said: “From factory to fork, Quattrapak offers a raft of benefits to the manufacturer and processor, retailer and more importantly, the consumer. The triple solution offering means there is a pack to suit all needs, from a standard flow pack to the ultimate in consumer convenience – the completely ‘touchless’ ovenable solution.

“Quattrapak ticks all the right boxes when it comes to reducing food and packaging waste while driving sales through increased consumer satisfaction, convenience and food safety.”

Unlike similar products on the market, the unique Quattrapak design & technology means packs do not require the incorporation of additional labels, trays or soaker pads resulting in less packaging waste, a lower carbon footprint and a cost effective pack for retailer and consumer.

The versatile pack design, which has been patented by Rovipak, can cater for whole or portioned cuts of meat making Quattrapak an appealing option for single person households as well as the shopper buying for a family meal. In addition, optional pack handles create a ‘touchless’ solution which is an attractive design feature for consumers who dislike handling fresh meat and also helps to minimise the risk of contamination from bacteria such as campylobacter from poultry in the kitchen.

The lamination films are manufactured by LINPAC Packaging and are puncture resistant. Uniquely the ‘ears’ of the pack are hermetically sealed both inside and out, ensuring no leakage in store on shelves or during transit between store and home, creating a cleaner, more hygienic pack solution to drive up customer appeal.

The robust pack design of the ovenable Quattrapak solution creates a pillow effect during cooking. Multiple pack tests by retailers have shown meat products including lamb, chicken and pork cooked in the pack have been tasty, tender and juicy due to the convection cooking process created in the sealed pack. Of course consumers benefit from a fuss-free clean oven after cooking as well!

Marinades and coatings can also be included within the pack to create a range of tasty simple-to-make meals which will appeal to shoppers and use of high quality flexo printed graphics from Parkside Flexibles creates a pack which stands out on shelf to drive sales.

Quattrapak is made using a revolutionary new packing and weighing machine developed and patented by the innovative Portadown-based company Rovipak Packaging Solutions Ltd.

Rovipak Managing Director Trevor Potter said: “The new machine enables whole birds to be automatically weighed prior to being packed and then successfully prints the catch or individual random weight details onto pre-printed film, all in one operation with no human intervention. That results in a much more streamlined process.”

The key benefits to the manufacturer is that there is no ‘giveaway’ as catch weight is determined before packing by a unique software system and printed straight onto the Quattrapak bag. Out of tolerance birds don’t even get packaged, thanks to the auto reject mechanism.

The Quattrapak also delivers significant savings in labour, transport and packaging due to there being only one film to manage and stock instead of multiple labels, trays and pads. Fewer packers and fillers are therefore required on the factory floor and an overall reduced pack weight is achieved as no additional labels, trays or soaker pads are required.

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