screens-for-fixing.jpgIn today’s highly competitive environment, retailers need to get the most from their in-store technology. Against a backdrop of increasingly complex IT environments, the challenge facing savvy retailers is how to achieve the best possible return on their hardware investments. As Gary Moinet, Managing Director of Triage Services explains, “Reduced downtime on electronic point of sale (EPOS) equipment enables enhanced operations, drives incremental revenue, and increases competitive agility.” The result for retailers is augmented sales and customer satisfaction through reduced queues and increased footfall – after all, there’s nothing more frustrating for a customer than seeing an empty till when they have to queue to make a purchase.

Triage Services is the UK’s leading independent provider of repair and refurbishment solutions to the retail technology sector. Its managed repair solutions encompass complete EPOS systems, networks, ATMs, desktop and notebook products, as well as point of sale peripherals such as printers, displays and barcode scanners. Triage’s extensive service portfolio includes advanced exchange, parts and inventory management, as well as board and component level repair and refurbishment services.

Delivered through unique alliance partnerships, Triage combines its specialist expertise and resources to enable customised hardware maintenance solutions for almost any situation. For example, Triage delivers a tailored return-to-base repair and warranty management service for a major petroleum retailer’s point of sale equipment housed at 890 garage forecourts across the UK. The agreement incorporates point of sale desks, along with all associated screens, printers, and networking devices. The petroleum retailer’s touch screen point of sale systems also incorporate integrated pump controls, as well as support for a variety of fuel and loyalty cards.

As part of the agreement, Triage Services works closely with the retailer’s other programme partners, which include a major retail technology solutions provider and a logistics company.

“Working in partnership with such a recognisable global brand is a testament not only to our engineering expertise, but also our ability to integrate closely with other partners to deliver a seamless supply chain,” explains Gary Moinet.

The concept behind every managed service delivered by Triage is to reduce downtime, and improve turnaround times on retailers’ in-store or in-situ hardware. Undertaking a full refurbishment on units that experience break down can pay significant dividends, especially for kiosks.
The explosion of demand for convenience cash machines in supermarkets, stores, airports, bus stations, and leisure environments such as pubs, means ATM (automatic teller machine) unit uptime is now a commercial priority. Triage’s unique combination of logistics, planning, procurement, repair and refurbishment services has already enabled one global market leader in the independent cash machine sector to reduce its inventory levels by 30%, cut spares spend by 50%, and significantly enhance service delivery to its UK customers.

As the company’s Manufacturing Director confirms, “We’ve been able to generate increased uptime across the entire ATM installed base and, by adopting a preventative maintenance approach to the ATM estate, we now deliver better service to customers – and at a lower cost.”

A non-functioning kiosk equates to loss of revenue, and the attention a kiosk requires depends very much on the environment it’s sited within and the amount of people using it. Investing in a full refurbishment service ensures a kiosk is fully overhauled, resulting in greater in-field performance and less risk of repeated mechanical failure. Achieving 24×7 unit availability has significant impact on business.

With cost pressure increasing on retailers to maximise the performance of kiosks and point of sales equipment, identifying routes to extending product uptime and availability is now becoming a priority. From technology refresh projects, through to scheduled maintenance and refurbishment, Triage Services – in partnership with other supply chain service providers – can enable retailers to reduce point of sale downtime.

To find out how Triage Services could be working for you, please call Lee Maloney on 01438 213 013, or visit our website at

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