Loading systems specialist, Transdek is experiencing strong demand from major retailers for its award winning V2G (Vehicle-To-Ground) Loading System.

Transdek is in the process of converting the top 100 stores for one of the UK’s largest supermarket retailers to accommodate deliveries from double-deck trailers, and has confirmed orders from another two major supermarket groups.

The company is also in talks with architects from one of the major supermarkets regarding the V2G system’s ability to allow new stores to be built without vehicle ramps or raised docks, saving on construction costs and minimising unprofitable back-of-store space. The system can also be cost-effectively retrofitted, allowing previously ‘dead space’ to be redeployed as retail space.

The V2G range is supplied as a pre-clad, pre-tested loadhouse unit, providing a ready-made temperature-controlled and secure environment for the protection of products between vehicles and the warehouse. Unlike other systems designed for loading any combination of goods vehicles from vehicles to the ground, the V2G is surface-mounted and can be installed and operational within a day, without the requirement for any pre-dug pits or other costly enabling works.

“The V2G also offers a high level of future-proofing for distribution operators,” says Leon Butler, Operations Director of Transdek UK. “Because of its versatility, it can service any mix of delivery vehicles: both the single deck trailers of today, and the growing double deck fleets of tomorrow.

“Not only that. Just as we install these lifts with a high level of speed and minimal disruption, we can also relocate them as easily. As our customers adapt their logistics operations to keep up with changing market demands and new technologies, this facility enables us help them to save on costs and to maintain loading efficiencies.”

Capable of unloading a single deck artic in 45 minutes, the V2G offers loading speeds equivalent to conventional raised docks. Winner of the Design4Safety Awards (Automation) 2010, the V2G also includes comprehensive features designed to support the safety of operators.

Transdek UK Ltd

Leon Butler, Operations Director,

Tel: 01302 752276

Email: leon.butler@transdek.com

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