dscn1673Tontini Foods is a long-established, family-run Italian company that’s bringing the authentic taste of Italy to the UK. We’ve established relationships with some of Italy’s finest manufacturers of authentic, local food products. We want to make these top-quality items available here in the UK so that everyone can experience the true taste of Italy.

People in the UK have always loved Italian food. Aside from the huge range of products sold in the shops, the UK is also home to thousands of Italian restaurants. When you think of Italian food, you probably automatically think of pastas, pizzas and tomato sauces. However, Italian food is far more diverse and exciting thanks to the vast topographical and climatic variations across the country.

In the north, mountains dominate the landscape and the temperatures are cooler and more continental, often with snow in the winter. In the south, the Mediterranean climate means it is mild and dry for much of the year. These different conditions have consequently resulted in significant regional variations in the food. Secret recipes – known only to the locals – date back generations and each one boasts a more complex flavour than any imitation can capture. From the rich pasta sauces of Lazio, the honeys of the Circeo national park, lemon and rum babà of Campania and the delicious chutneys from the Valle d’Aosta, Tontini has something for every occasion. With many products using the finest fresh, organic, hand-picked ingredients without preservatives or colouring, you can guarantee they’ll be good for you. There are also vegetarian alternatives for many of the items.

These will all be on show at IFE09 where Tontini Foods will be launching its UK company, bringing new products to the UK market. These include sausage and chestnut ragù, sweet and sour blackcurrant chutney, Gratacul (rosehip) chutney with grappa, limoncello babà and more.

Director of Tontini’s UK office, Marisa Tontini, believes the UK market is ready for the true taste of Italy:

‘Italian food produced for the UK is very different to authentic Italian food. The flavours are nowhere near as rich. The only way to truly capture the taste and experience of real Italian food is by going back to its origins and unearthing those traditional recipes’.

You can soon order our products directly through our website, www.tontinifoods.co.uk.
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