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Space – or the lack of it -is the burning issue for the overwhelming majority of high street stores and retail park outlets. The back of store has assumed greater importance in terms of being able to hold increasing volumes of stock which requires rapid access for shop floor replenishment, so maximising holding capacity in this area has become a prerequisite for many store managers.

The versatility of adjustable shelving systems, such as those provided by SSI Schaefer, is widely acknowledged throughout the retail industry as these systems offer a very flexible solution to overcoming the restrictions of back of store storage space.

These shelving systems are available in a range of sizes, including long-span, to accommodate almost all products from food items to non-perishable goods and they provide benefits in terms of simple and fast assembly and the fact that they can be dissembled, rebuilt and expanded at any time. Add to this the mobility aspect with wheel-mounted standard shelving, or dedicated mobile shelving, to increase the storage capacity and the challenges posed by back of store space restrictions become more manageable.

While SSI Schaefer designs, plans and installs such systems, the company is equally happy to simply supply the product, ex-stock, from its UK distribution centre or direct from its own manufacturing facility in Germany. Acknowledging its versatility, one retailer, Bournemouth-based Consortium (www.consortium.co.uk) , organised and planned its own back of store layout and has recently purchased shelving from SSI Schaefer’s R3000 range, subsequently installing it as a self-assembly project.

Further optimisation of storage capacity right up to the roof, if height allows, can be achieved through multi-tier shelving where the design of the upright supports allows not only shelves to be hung from them, but also elevated walkways, which allow access to shelving at higher levels.

If stock security is an issue, shelving systems can be made secure with mesh panels and solid access doors to control access, while a comprehensive range of accessories includes specialist glass shelving, adjustable width shelf-dividers and a broad spectrum of plastic containers to safely contain loose and valuable items.

In addition to supplying back of store shelving, SSI Schaefer provides a full range of materials handling and storage systems which include pallet racking and fully automated picking, storage and retrieval systems, warehouse management, project management and design services.

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