kelloggs-natures-pleasure-main-press-shot.jpgFood company unveils new brand and £6 million sales opportunity for trade.

Kellogg’s has launched a new brand of baked muesli with the aim of delivering a £6 million retail sales opportunity to retailers by growing the muesli category by 3.5 percentage points.

Called Nature’s Pleasure, the launch comes as Kellogg’s claims the muesli category needs a shake-up to turn around the five years of flat penetration it has experienced.

A staggering 37 percent of shoppers still see muesli as dusty and tasteless. Kellogg’s believes this, and the fact the category lacks a sense of enjoyment and pleasure, are the key barriers to growth.

Kellogg’s says its new range of muesli will help the trade get over these category hurdles.
Nature’s Pleasure offers retailers and the shopper a differentiated product – a baked rather than raw muesli – backed by the marketing support of one of the UK’s best known grocery brands.

Kellogg’s plans to spend £3 million promoting Nature’s Pleasure including print advertising, sampling and digital marketing.

Mike Taylor, Sales Director at Kellogg’s, explains the thinking behind the new brand: “Nature’s Pleasure is about helping retailers maximise the sales opportunities of this category by creating muesli for the masses.

“We want to bring new people into the category. We believe Nature’s Pleasure will do this thanks to its differentiated food, mid category price point and mass marketing.

“We’ve listened to shoppers and tried to understand why they don’t currently buy muesli. Our research tells us the category is seen as worthy and niche while not delivering the taste people want. Sure, people want natural food but also want something which delivers a taste experience. Natural shouldn’t be a chore.

Nature’s Pleasure has been designed to deliver on all these points.”

The product takes simple muesli ingredients and lightly bakes them in honey and raw sugar cane to produce a crunchy texture.

Nature’s Pleasure will have an RRP of £2.49 and be available in four SKUs: almond, pecan and cashew (500g), raspberry and cherry (460g), apple and blackcurrant (460g) and almond, pecan and raisin (500g).

“We wanted a range that delivered on expectations of muesli but also offered a point of difference for non-users. Therefore we looked at the more traditional nut and nut and raisin varieties and at more contemporary fruit flavours.”

Nature’s Pleasure will be listed in a majority of the major multiples from April. Kellogg’s has committed to provide full in-store support to retailers, including category management, sampling and marketing.

Mike concluded: “We’ve spent two years developing this brand and know it will appeal to 68% of the population who are looking to buy natural, less processed foods.

“No one should doubt we are serious about bringing a mass audience to muesli. We believe it’s a category which is hugely on trend and therefore can and should be delivering more sales for the trade.”

Kellogg’s will continue to produce its traditional-style Country Store muesli and its Luxury muesli brand which it sells through the away-from-home channel.

For trade stockist enquiries contact Kellogg’s on 0870 240 2393.

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