cry_trailer_landscapeBuilding on the success of the CryoTech truck product line, Thermo King has developed the all-new CT-15 Spectrum trailer unit. This radical new design now brings all the advantages of Thermo King’s patented CryoTech cryogenic cooling solution to operators of multi temperature trailers. With its market-leading low noise, reduced maintenance and outstanding refrigeration performance, this is the solution for operators looking for the best in next generation technology, designed to both minimise environmental impact and outperform conventional systems. 

The secret behind Thermo King’s CryoTech units is the use of recycled liquid Carbon Dioxide (CO2) as a coolant in an open loop system. While this is not the only cryogenic solution currently available, it is highly innovative in that it provides airflow in the load space, which is essential for fresh produce, and exhausts the cryogen outside the load space. Thus, no CO2 enters the cargo area, unlike other systems that inject liquid coolant into this space displacing Oxygen. Such systems require complex safety mechanisms and gas extraction equipment to protect operators. This inevitably delays loading and unloading while the gas is removed and the area becomes safe to enter.

Zero emissions refrigeration

At first glance, exhausting CO2 from the cooling system into the atmosphere appears to be at odds with the goal of environmental friendliness. However, when the source of the CO2 and the total carbon footprint of the equipment are understood, this is clearly not the case.

Carbon Dioxide has multiple applications in various industries such as food processing, manufacturing, carbonation of beverages and medicine. Since it is a common waste by-product of multiple industrial manufacturing processes including fertiliser production and oil refining, manufacturers only need to capture CO2 that would normally go into the atmosphere and distribute this to users after cleaning and liquefaction.

Additionally, diesel and liquid nitrogen production use over seven and three times more energy than liquid Carbon Dioxide, respectively. Thus, using liquid CO2 in CryoTech refrigeration systems allows for zero-emissions refrigeration that is significantly more environmentally friendly than a conventional diesel system, or even other cryogenic nitrogen injection systems.

Ideal solution for distribution operations

Just like the CT-10 and CT-10 Spectrum systems for rigid trucks, the CT-15 Spectrum trailer unit was designed for the most demanding retail and distribution operations. It can handle up to three independent zones each with a maximum cooling capacity of over 7800W at 30ºC ambient and -20ºC box temperature. This is an unprecedented 240% higher than the leading diesel refrigeration units.

Due to the unique nature of the technology including the lack of a condenser coil, the capacity of the unit does not change with ambient temperature. Similarly, the lack of a diesel engine ensures that the capacity of the unit is independent of the mode of operation i.e. tractor power versus electric standby.

The CT-15 Spectrum also offers three times faster pull down than a comparable diesel system enabling quicker temperature recovery and precision temperature control for the most demanding of multi-drop routes. This in turn reduces the risk of product spoilage and extends its shelf-life giving operators significant cost avoidance.

Substantially exceeds PIEK regulation standards

Thermo King has done extensive development to ensure that the CT-15 Spectrum not only meets but substantially exceeds the demanding PIEK low-noise standard. The PIEK regulation has its origins in the Netherlands, but is fast becoming the accepted European standard for low-noise equipment. It requires a maximum operating noise level of 60dBA to permit night-time deliveries (23.00 – 07.00 hrs). The test measures sound levels at six positions around the vehicle and to achieve the certification none of the measurements may exceed 60dBA. To put this in perspective, the background noise level in a busy office would typically exceed 60dBA.

Testing shows that at its loudest (during pull down) the CT-15 Spectrum is over 90% quieter than a comparable diesel trailer unit. This makes it one of the quietest refrigeration systems in the world.

Superior reliability and reduced maintenance

By reducing the total number of components and serviceable parts, Thermo King has achieved superior reliability with the CT-15 Spectrum. Additionally, the reduced number of components lower maintenance costs by up to 15% over a comparable diesel unit. Once again, these savings help an operator achieve maximum profitability from their fleet.

Reduced lifetime environmental impact

The CryoTech range is manufactured at Thermo King’s state of-the-art facility in Galway, Ireland.

This plant has held ISO 14001 certification for Environmental Management since 2000. Regular audits performed by the Environmental Protection Agency confirm a continuing reduction of direct environmental impact.

Furthermore, without the need for an engine or HFC refrigerants, CryoTech systems eliminate the harmful wastes that must be handled and disposed of during the life of a conventional diesel unit.
This combined with the excellent recyclability of the equipment further reduces its environmental impact.

CO2 supply and filling facilities

Thermo King has partnered with Yara, one of the world’s largest CO2 suppliers, to provide complete CO2 supply and filling solutions to customers. This partnership has also resulted in the development of the Silenci and Silenci Lite high-speed CO2 dispensers, which are specially designed to fill a tank in under 10 minutes, while providing the highest levels of safety and convenience. The patented quick connection couplings used for refilling the CryoTech units incorporate a unique pull-away safety system. This stops the CO2 flow in the event of a driver pulling away from the dispenser with the fill hoses still attached, minimising leakage of CO2 and the risk of injury.

The CT-10 single temperature and CT-10 Spectrum multi temperature truck refrigeration units have enjoyed considerable success since launch. With over 200 units in operation across Scandinavia, numerous major operators are now reaping the benefits of the CryoTech system. With the launch of the CT-15 Spectrum, Thermo King continues the expansion of the CryoTech range, providing customers with a choice of environmentally friendly solutions to meet all their transport refrigeration needs.

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    i want to know what is the max and average cooling capacity of the system.and also what is load carrying capacity of the vehicle.


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