pieter_joe.jpgRecent testing carried out in the UK has confirmed that Thermo King’s CryoTech truck range not only meets the stringent Dutch PIEK noise regulation, but substantially exceeds it. PIEK certification gives operators access for deliveries to Low Emission Zones in noise sensitive inner-city locations which they would otherwise be excluded from.

The results of the PIEK test show that the CryoTech truck range is now the quietest refrigeration system on the world market today which is able to run independently of the vehicle engine (unlike alternator systems) and able to provide the continuous airflow necessary for protection of sensitive fresh produce (unlike systems which inject refrigerant gas into the load space). The CryoTech range uses recycled (second-use) carbon dioxide, liquefied under pressure, released into remote evaporators and ultimately exhausted outside the vehicle.

The PIEK regulation has its origins in the Netherlands, but is fast becoming the accepted European standard for low-noise equipment. It requires a maximum operating noise level of 60dBA to permit night-time deliveries (23.00 – 07.00 hrs). The test measures sound levels at six positions around the vehicle and to achieve the certification none of the measurements may exceed 60dBA. To put this in perspective, the background noise level in a busy office would typically exceed 60dBA.

To recognise the importance of this achievement, Pieter Waldeck, Ambassador of the Netherlands to the Court of St James, formally presented an award to Thermo King on behalf of the Noise Abatement Society at the annual John Connell Ceremony in the House of Commons, London on 5th November 2008.

Joe Grealy, Director Strategic Industry Relations, Ingersoll Rand Climate Control Technologies accepted the award and commented: “This is an outstanding achievement for Thermo King as it highlights the company’s ongoing commitment to delivering innovative and environmentally sound product solutions. It also reaffirms our position as industry leaders within the transport refrigeration sector and it is a testament to the products developed by the Thermo King team that we have received this prestigious award.”

Celia Barlow, Member of Parliament, commented: “Noise pollution is a major source of blight within the UK and it is refreshing to see major organisations such as Thermo King providing pioneering product solutions addressing this issue.”

The CryoTech ST-CR range provides solutions for both single and multi temperature truck distribution operations. A new multi-temperature trailer system is in development, which attracted great interest when exhibited at the CV Show in Birmingham and the IAA in Hannover last year.

In addition to almost silent operation, the Thermo King CryoTech range delivers other significant environmental advantages including:

  • Zero diesel exhaust emissions
  • Zero fluorinated refrigerant
  • Minimal moving parts for reliability and low maintenance
  • Zero coolant and lubricant disposal.
  • Minimal carbon footprint

Noise is of course a key concern in distribution operations within densely populated areas. A further concern is maintaining optimum cargo temperature. Multiple deliveries mean multiple door openings. And each time the doors open, the cargo space becomes warmer, threatening the quality and safety of the load. Conventional refrigeration systems can struggle to recover temperature as the delivery cycle continues, but CryoTech systems have the advantage of significantly greater cooling capacity, unaffected by the ambient temperature.

Operators are already using the CryoTech range across eight countries in Europe, typically with CO2 storage and fill-station provided by Thermo King in partnership with leading gas supplier, Yara.

The PIEK certification of this innovative green technology could well be the start of a quiet revolution!

For more information on Thermo King’s products and services please visit www.thermoking.com

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