_473Whether it is being poured over a bowl of cereal or in the early morning coffee, milk completes a breakfast. So there is nothing worse than milk going sour, meaning either an early morning trip to the shops, or going without that reviving cuppa.

Sour milk mornings can be a thing of the past thanks to Cravendale® milk. Using a unique filtration system Cravendale® milk removes more of the bacteria that turns milk sour. This means it stays fresher for longer – seven days once opened and 21 days unopened, over twice as long as standard fresh milk.

Cravendale® milk doesn’t just taste great, it also has real health benefits including being a great source of calcium that can help to maintain healthy bones and teeth; vitamin B12 to keep red blood cells topped up; phosphorus which helps release the energy from the food we eat and riboflavin that keeps skin looking healthy.

“Toe Tapping” – Cravendale’s new ad featuring the three intrepid characters, cow, pirate and cyclist, is now on air and celebrates that milk can be enjoyed both hot and cold.

Sam Dolan comments: “With our new advertising we are educating the nation about the benefits of drinking milk in a surprising and engaging way. As the UK’s number 1 milk brand we want to encourage people to drink milk in new ways and with our brand value increasing year on year we are one step closer to making the nation passionate about milk.”

The new Cravendale® milk TV ad can now be seen at our award winning website milkmatters.co.uk

Cravendale® milk is available in whole, semi-skimmed and skimmed varieties in 2 litre bottles and 1-litre cartons. 500ml cartons are also available in whole and semi-skimmed varieties. Cravendale® is stocked in supermarkets nationwide, at a RRP of: £1.69 for 2 litres, £1.06 for 1 litre and 55p for 500ml.


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