shotz.jpgStart up company Shotz Health launch the first nutrient fortified fruit juice shot, with levels of vitamins and minerals that genuinely rival  multivitamin supplements, into the chilled impulse sector. Big Shotz, with 17 vitamins and minerals, Omega 3, prebiotic fibre and ginseng all crammed in to a 120ml bottle, is a new and convenient delicious mango and passionfruit juice shot. Big Shotz is a liquid food form, which means the micronutrients it contains are absorbed more quickly and efficiently by the body than when dried or powdered in a capsule or tablet. Already in a soluble state, they are easily available for the body to take up; and for consumers who struggle to swallow pills, Big Shotz offers an easy solution to supplementing the diet.

Big Shotz is the brainchild of busy professional and nutrition enthusiast Deborah Maxwell. Maxwell spotted a gap in the market for a truly authentic multivitamin juice shot that brings sufficient levels of essential daily nutrients and other beneficial ingredients within easy reach of busy consumers.

Developed by top scientists at the International Food Network, Big Shotz contains significant levels of vitamins and minerals, many at 100% of the RDA, helping the consumer to meet their required intake of essential daily nutrients. Big Shotz is free from preservatives; gluten and lactose free; caffeine free; low in fat; contains only 68 calories and has no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners.

While we should always seek to consume a nutrient-rich diet where possible, for many people – especially those on the go – this can be difficult. Big Shotz helps to bridge the nutritional gap between what consumers need to sustain their wellbeing and what today’s modern lifestyle can sometimes make so difficult. Some UK adults just don’t get the micronutrients they need. One in two people do not meet the RNI for Vitamin A; for iron, 71% of women do not get the RNI; for Vitamin D, 78% of women and 71% of men; 67% of women and 47% of men for Vitamin E. One in five people do not even meet the RNI for Vitamin C. Furthermore, 21% of British men and 15% of British women eat no fruit or vegetables at all in the course of a week.

Simon Colthorpe, Marketing Director for Shotz says, “Big Shotz is for busy people who, despite the best of healthy intentions, find themselves held back by the demands of their hectic lifestyles, often turning to fast, pre-prepared meal solutions that don’t always supply the right amount of vitamins and minerals. We felt that there was a gap in the market for an on-the-go product that can help readdress that balance. Big Shotz has all the benefits of a multi-vitamin pill, plus more, in a convenient and great tasting liquid format. Rather than adding small quantities of vitamins to a lot of juice, we’ve simply added a small quantity of juice to a lot of vitamins.”
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Big Shotz has been designed to supplement the compromised diet that often results from a busy lifestyle. So for those who sometimes don’t meet their RDA of vitamins and minerals, Big Shotz can help bridge the gap by providing the RDA of a number of essential daily nutrients all in one go.

Big Shotz RRP is £1.99 and it will be in distribution in Selfridges, Waitrose, AMT Coffee and a variety of cafes, sandwich shops and convenience outlets from September 2008.

Trade enquiries: 020 7395 7174

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