When it comes to textile recycling, BIU Group’s recycling banks have become the bank of choice for many retail and convenience stores across the UK. As council owned recycling sites are providing an increasingly limited service for charities, BIU Group and their partner charities are appealing for more convenience stores to house a textile recycling bank.

Jan-GT-BIUBIU Group has been providing a valued textile recycling service to retailers and their customers for 9 years, and has raised over £5million to date through recycling projects – all of which has gone towards supporting local UK charities.

The company provides a recycling service to all UK grocers, and has banks located at various Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsburys and Asda stores, as well as convenience stores such as Nisa, Spar, Budgens and The Co-Operative. Once the recycling banks are installed on site, BIU Group works closely with partners to develop promotional activities to generate interest and increase footfall. By hosting a BIU Group recycling bank, stores are appealing to customers and contributing to their own Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy, by incorporating initiatives that actively engage with the local community.

BIU Group is renowned for delivering excellent service levels, which are individually tailored to suit each site. Recycling banks are delivered in an excellent condition, with new paintwork and charity livery and full contact details displayed. To ensure stores know who is attending the site, all of BIU Group’s drivers are uniformed and carry I.D badges at all times.

The company has its own innovative and patented brand of banks, which are designed to combat theft. The anti-theft recycling banks are serviced and emptied frequently to ensure donations are maximised, which is a priority, to keep store employees happy by ensuring the recycling area is kept clean and tidy.

BIU Group’s quality and environmental integrated management systems (ISO 9001 and 18001) are key towards making sure services are provided to the highest standard. The company also uses an industry leading tracking software application, which ensures every kilo put into each recycling bank can be traced from the point of donation through to final destination.

By working with BIU Group, you can help your local air ambulance save more lives, help hospices provide palliative care for children with life-limiting conditions or even boost health and education projects through sporting associations. BIU Group and their partner charities operate using a partnership agreement, which ensures the charities receive the maximum funds from each donation.

If your store can provide a local community recycling service for customers and support a local charity, please contact Wendy Yarney, Charity Partnerships Manager, at info@biugroup.co.uk.

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